Before I make a sad attempt at a humorous post about animal abuse, let me start out by saying that I think animal abuse is wrong, those who participate should be given the death penalty (except kids of course), and I believe it really, really hurts animals’ feelings. There, now PETA won’t hound me. No pun intended.

On to my post…


Noah (age three) is at an age (and a time in his life) where he loves his dog, needs a dog, and can’t live without his dog. I think having a dog is like having a friend that won’t betray him, won’t leave him, and won’t boss him around. Even better, he can boss his dog around all he wants. With the recent divorce going on and the loss of his step-sister, the value of a good dog is worth its weight in fruit roll-ups.

What I’m having a hard time with is getting him to stop abusing dogs. And I mean abuse. Of course when I’m watching it’s nothing but bear hugs and snuggles and maybe a little rousting, but far too often I’ll walk into the room and he’s got the dog by the tail yanking him around, or he’ll be pulling on one of his legs while the dog lays there rolling his eyes. A couple of times I’ve caught him straight-up jumping up and down on the dog’s rib cage or sitting on the dog’s face, both offenses leading to immediate discipline.

Apparently the punishment is very well worth the joy of the crime for him, because there is no punishment yet for Noah that has deterred him from future abuse.


Abuse aside, how awesome is a dog that just let’s it go on and never retaliates. When I went to the Humane Society (shhhh, don’t tell anybody this), I took several dogs on walks, and when nobody could see, I pinched them in sensitive places and prodded them and did a little “child torture session” of my own to see how patient and submissive they were, because let’s face it, Noah is still in need of a little “training” of his own. Some dogs that seemed so calm would immediately bite upon being abused, so I figured it was a good test. Luckily I still have all of my appendages, and believe me, I was fully expecting to lose at least a limb or two in the quest to find Noah the perfect dog.

Lucky (the dog I ended up choosing) never did anything like that, though. He’s a black lab from the Humane Society and he is the sweetest boy. Noah absolutely adores him. Of course, I wanted a bigger dog this time that could take a little bit more of a beating and be none the worse for wear. It sounds horrible, but that’s what you gotta do when you have a little kid! Abuse will happen, you just have to nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

For those of you who read my earlier blog post about not knowing what to do with Dozer (the hyena pig), now you know what we finally decided. I ended up making the switch when Noah wasn’t there, and when there was a big friendly happy black dog waiting for him when he got there, any sadness for the loss of Dozer was all but forgotten. Now, Noah walks around saying, “I love Lucky, he’s so soft. Dozer was not soft. And Lucky doesn’t bite me. Dozer always tried to bite me.”

Noah definitely has a new best friend in Lucky. Those two are inseparable.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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