Yesterday my soon-to-be-ex finally emptied out the house of her things and with it all, took the bed that I had been sleeping on. By the time I got home to assess the damage, it was around 11 pm. I had been expecting her to take it, and had already purchased a new mattress to replace this one. I had planned to just sleep on the couch last night and then round up a fellow body-builder (ummm, sure, we’ll go with that) in the morning to help me bring my new bed home and set it up, but the longer I looked at that empty space in my bedroom, the more it irked at me and irked at me until I decided it had to be done last night.

Now, having spent so many years in the luxury mattress industry, I couldn’t settle for anything less than the best to sleep on. I couldn’t make it easy on myself and choose a mattress from Stearns and Foster or a Tempur-Pedic. Those would have only weighed a hundred pounds or so. I couldn’t choose something light enough to twirl on my finger like a Select Comfort/Sleep Number bed. No, my new bed was not a Serta, Sealy, Simmons, or Spring Air. It was a MyComfort Bed. We’re talking a full-on king size Double-thick gel bed that at full weight comes in around 200 lbs.
Of course, MyComfort isn’t just any bed, it was the bed of our retail business (thus the biased comments) that is now out of business, but thanks to my ties, I was able to secure one of our beds from the MyComfort glory days, and at an awesome price.

So, I went to pick up my bed and bring it home because I was not going to sleep on the couch again (especially after the last time when my boy went around telling everybody that dad has to sleep on the couch cause mom took his bed). I don’t know what it was that entered my body last night, but something bigger than myself was able to pick-up and carry that bed, load it up, take it home, take it upstairs, and into the master bedroom. I was sweating more than I do at Bikram Yoga, and I nearly collapsed when I was done, but I did it, and then I slept like a baby.

When the dust settled, I knew it wasn’t about having a bed to sleep in last night. It was about being done. Her stuff was all gone. Everything has been agreed to and worked out. After last night, there’s not a lot I have to deal with for this to all be done, and getting my new bed setup before I went to bed meant that I could wake up and not worry any more. And when I woke up, it felt good. Real good.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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