Good old Dozer. We’re not completely sure what he is. Some think he’s half hyena, half pig. I’m not inclined to think they’re wrong. Me? I think he’s half English Bulldog, half Border Terrier (definitely not a cute mix no matter how you Photoshop it). Dozer is such a calm, trouble-free dog. He looks like he’s 20 years old, but we have it on good authority that he’s only 2 1/2. People come to the door and see him for the first time and say things like, “he’s, ummm… interesting.” (side note: if people come to your door and say that about your baby, it is a compliment… ummm… sure). As nice as he is, nobody wants to pet him because he’s, well, a little different.

Noah loves his “Dozer Dog”. Dozer came to us from the Humane Society a little over a month ago with a trade-in policy (yeah, you heard me right). Problem is, that trade-in policy is about to expire, and I’m having a hard time deciding whether Dozer should stay or go. Yeah, I’ve talked him up, but he has a little pesky habit of suddenly snapping when you least expect it. He’s never broken the skin of anybody, but he certainly has, unprovoked, acted like he was trying to bite other kids. With Noah though, he just lays there and let’s him do whatever he wants, whether it’s pulling his tail or jumping up and down on his ribcage, and Noah knows that he’s gonna get it if dad catches him torturing the hyena-pig.

Truth be told, Noah needs to have a dog that is predictable and won’t snap or bite little kids. It’s hard because Noah just lost two people in his life that he loved very much, so how does Daddy go about taking away his Dozer dog when all of that is so fresh? I’ve had a talk with him about it. He gets all teary-eyed and runs and latches onto Dozer and says, “NO! You’re not taking my Dozer away!” I guess sometimes a parent has to do the hard things that have to be done. So… it’ll probably go down like this… I’ll get Noah onto the Humane Society website and start looking at all the new dogs with him. Then, we’ll begrudgingly make the switch.Then, I’ll panic and try to relieve his pain with a new dog, ice cream, a happy meal, and two quarters to spend on whatever he wants. Yes, I will buy his happiness.

There is no doubt that losing an animal is hard, especially for a kid who’s latched onto it the way Noah has. Stay tuned. Maybe this old dad will wuss out of making the right choice and Dozer will be around for awhile.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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