Ever since the girls took off, Noah has discovered and enthusiastically demanded a new realm of independence.

Some of it is awesome. Like that he wants to get his own drinks, wipe his own behind, or make his own bed. He loves to be in charge of feeding the dog, and he loves to brush and floss his own teeth now. Some of it though, is not so awesome. Like putting his own shoes on when we’re in a big hurry to run out the door. “Noah, hurry!” I am, Dad. “We really have to go, do you want Daddy to help you?” No, Dad; I’m BIG TOO! Okay, fine, but hurry! And then I wait five to ten minutes while he first puts them on the wrong feet, and then works on switching them.

Of course, wiping his own behind can fit in the not so awesome category, too. Let’s be honest, part of me likes to be the one to wipe his bum because I know that A) he’s not going to get it on his hands, and B) he’s actually going to have a wiped bum when he’s done. But, I have to learn to let him do it himself, even if it means walking with chaffed cheeks the rest of the day.

On the flip side of things, there are some tasks that I love to watch him attempt to do all by himself. He loves to take out the garbage, but he usually can’t lift the bag. He loves to hold the leash when we walk the dog, but let’s be honest about who’s walking whom. He loves to be the one to count when counting is needed. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10. He loves to help Dad fix things (and Dad let’s him believe he’s doing it). He loves to climb up the peach tree by himself (which is cute to watch), and even more adamantly he loves to climb down the peach tree by himself (which is downright humorous to watch).

I suppose my favorite is when he wants to be big like Dad. I know it’s totally movie cliche, but it is also cuter than crud. Daddy, I’m gonna get big like you and shoot a bear just like you shooted that bear. Or, Daddy, you could get any mean doggy, huh!? You bet, Noah, Dad is tougher than any mean old dog. Yeah, like if there was like ten dogs and they were trying to get me you could get them, right Dad? Yeah, Dad is tougher than even ten dogs. Dad, I’m tough too, and I could get those ten dogs too. I know you could, buddy. Just don’t.

Haha, watching Noah grow up is one of the greatest experiences of my life. It’s kind of sad that the independence is going to become a lot more and a lot more often, but totally awesome at the same time. And I’ll tell you, that kid is going to be able to do anything.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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