Welcome to our new blog. My guess is somebody (probably me) suckered you into coming to read it. That’s cool, you’re always welcome here.

This is the blog of a single dad, raising the world’s most incredible kid, and all the funny stuff that happens along the way. For my first post, let me tell you a little bit about each of us, and also the path that led us to the place we’re at.

noahNoah is three, but if you ask him he’s doin’ good. No, that’s not his real hair, but believe me he’s capable of it! The kid has by far the most expressive face you’ve ever seen in your life for a person that age. On top of that, he’s a little sweetheart. Seriously. You know how so many kids are little stinkers a lot of the time? Not Noah. He’ll melt your heart with his kindness and happiness. He loves a good poop joke (just like his old man). He likes to tell Dad that Dad is his best friend. Noah loves remote control cars. He loves helicopters. He loves stories about dinosaurs that he gets to stab in the belly button. He loves his dog. He is a real good kid. Truth be told, he’s a good lookin’ kid too. The ladies will be all over him when he gets older. I’m currently laying my yard out with all sorts of booby traps to make sure they can’t get near him when they do start coming. We have a lot of special times, we do. And a lot of adventures. And this is where you’ll get to read about some of those.

dan-portraitMy name is Dan. Me, I’m a different story. Certainly no lady killer. I’d say I’m a solid six for looks and a three for personality, which makes me a high nine (right?!). Haha. Seriously though, I am a single dad. Married twice, and somehow single. I’m a good dad. I’m a good man. I’m a terrible fisherman. I know that someday the right love will find me again (the kind that doesn’t leave me feeling like a smear on a toilet seat). I know that there are a lot of good women out there. And… lucky you. You get to follow me on my journey in fatherhood, love, and life.

As of writing this post, I am barely 30 years old. I am working out the final details of a divorce, and I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m back in the single saddle again (what choice do I have? mope? that doesn’t sound so bad sometimes). I love humorous writing (can’t wait to get this intro out of the way and start the good stuff). I have an awesome family that is a true help and godsend for my little man. My friends are the best. Love… it can wait for now.

So, if you want to live through the funny stuff that happens to Noah and his old man, subscribe and check back often, cause life is… well… funny.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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