dan-pearce-author-bloggerNoah is three. I am thirty. Sometimes though, Noah surprises me by shutting down my “colorful exuberance” and doing so with authority.

First off, I’d like to pose a question. Isn’t one of the joys of having a little kid that the parent can be as stupid and immature as they want and nobody’s the worse for wear? No, seriously… isn’t it my privilege as a father… no… isn’t it my obligation as a father, to get down to Noah’s level of understanding and build on his common interests and passions with him? I say unto you yes. It is.

Here are a few short interactions I’ve had with Noah during the past week or so…

  • Me, “Noah, your butt stinks”. Noah, “no it doesn’t dad. And don’t say butt. It’s bad.”
  • Me, “What the freak is that?” Noah, [rolls his eyes and laughs] “Dad, you can’t say that word!” Me, “what, freak?” “Yes dad.”
  • Me, “Noah, wanna do something fun?” Noah, “yes”. Me, “Let’s go throw water on Uncle Dave”. Noah, “dad, that will hurt Dave’s feelings.”
  • Noah, “Dad, you shouldn’t do that.” Me, “what?” Noah, “that.” Me, “what, scratch myself?” Noah, “yeah, it’s gross and you’ll get yuckies on the food.”
  • Noah, “Daddy, you shouldn’t put me in time out.” Me, “why not?” Noah, “because I love you and if you love me you don’t do that.”
  • Me, “Noah, eat Lucky’s poo.” Noah, “Nooooo daaaaaaaaad.” Me, “why not? You want me to eat it? I’ll eat it.” Noah, “no dad. It will make you SICK”.
  • Me, “Noah, did you fart?” Noah, “no”. Me, “it smells like you farted and it stinks”. Noah, “dad, I didn’t fart because farting is gross.” Me, “so you never fart?” Noah, “no. I never FART.”

You get the idea. Don’t misunderstand me. Noah, the majority of the time, loves to delve into conversation about poop, pee, farts, and other general potty talk. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that I never don’t. It seems like it’s never dad saying, “don’t say that” or “that’s not a good thing to say”.  It’s always dad egging it on and if anybody steps up to be mature, it’s Noah.

[sigh]. Someday Noah will grow up and participate with me all the time.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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