Phone Calls to Three-Year-Olds

Phone calls to three-year-olds are challenging at best, and they seem to be getting harder, not easier.

Sometimes, if the schedule leaves a several day gap where I don’t get to have Noah, I call him to see how he’s doing, and really just to hear his voice and let him know that dad hasn’t forgotten about him.

When he was first talking enough to have somewhat of a conversation, I would call and he would say a few words here and there, and be content and happy to run around with the phone on speaker mode while dad talked to him and told him how much he loved him. Of course, I couldn’t understand a thing he said, but it didn’t matter. Over time, the calls started getting better and better in his abilities to carry on a phone conversation, and up until a couple months ago, he was actually having long, meaningful conversations.

But somewhere along the way, he decided he didn’t care much for phone calls, and while he’s usually accommodating enough to hop on the line for a minute, most conversations nowadays go something like this:

Dad: “Noah, how you doing buddy? Having fun?”
Noah: “yeah”.
Dad: “I sure am missing you. What are you doing for fun?”
Noah: “I love you, Dad. Bye.”

And it goes both ways. When his mom calls him here, he does the same thing. As soon as he tells her I love you, bye, he tries to hand me the phone back. I tell him, talk to mom, she really wants to talk to you. He rolls his eyes, the same way I can feel him rolling them when she tells him to keep talking to me, and says a couple more is that good enough for you, Dad lines and then says, “okay, I love you, bye” and hands the phone back. He then sprints back to whatever fun he was having when the phone rang in the first place.

I guess it’s just a part of growing up and growing older. He has a pretty good life at both houses and not a lot of time in his “fun routine” to talk to the parent that isn’t there at the moment. I can only imagine how it will be when he’s a teenager.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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