Life is [email protected]#! sometimes. Does anybody disagree? If so, leave immediately and go lie to yourself somewhere else. Everybody else, read on and be sure to post your comments.

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Life is [email protected]#! sometimes. And no, you don’t then die. You then turn on “that song”. You know the song. The one that hits your sour mood just right and so you turn it on repeat mode and cycle through it a couple dozen… thousand… times. I don’t know why it works that way. At any other normal time in my life, listening to the same song more than a few times in a row would bore me to tears (unless it’s mmmbop by Hanson, I could listen to that without end).

My sad songs, mad songs, and bad songs always seem to hit at the end of relationships. That’s when I’m in a real sad mood, mad mood, and bad mood (duh, Dan). Here are my favorite sad songs, mad songs, and bad songs. These songs are awesome, and I seriously recommend downloading them for when you have those “precious moments” in your life. I’ve added links to them so that you can easily download the .mp3s if you want.

Tonight I Wanna CryTonight I Wanna Cry, by Keith Urban. This is the perfect song for when you want to sit at home, alone, and not do anything but mope and be sad about a break-up.

Kill MyselfKill Myself, by Tim McGraw. Of course, I haven’t killed myself. And I don’t recommend you do. But it’s an awesome song when you are feeling extra dramatic about how tough life is. And, it doesn’t have a happy ending, so don’t expect one as you listen to it.

Do You Want Fries With That, also by Tim McGraw. This is a song about a guy working at a fast food joint when his lover’s new lover comes through the drive-through. It’s just one of those bad boy country songs that makes sure you’re feeling up when you’re feeling down about where your lover is now.

One Step CloserOne Step Closer, by Linkin Park. This song is awesome when you wanna blow off some steam. Especially the line that screams “Shut up when I’m talking to you! I said shut up! Shut up! SHUUUUTTTT UPPPPP!”” It’s awesome.

HallelujahHallelujah, by multiple artists, but I like the version by Kate Voegele. This is a very beautiful song that talks about greatness ending because of weaknesses and infidelity.

One Moment More, by Mindy Smith. This is a really mellow song. Perfect for when you can’t get over your lover being gone (broken-up or passed away). You can also hear the much better acoustic version of the song on my website

One More DayAnd finally, One More Day by Diamond Rio. This one runs along the same lines as the Mindy Smith song above, but very specifically to anybody who has died. It’s an absolutely beautiful song about somebody who knows their loved one is still there and what they would do if they had one more day with them.

And that’s my list. I’d be very interested to know what some of your sad songs for sour moods are. I’m pretty confident that I’ll need a nice list of them for the future. And so will you.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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