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I really can’t believe the reception I’ve had to my new blog. Every day I am getting a ton of new traffic, new followers, and more and more interaction with you all. It’s growing faster than I could have hoped, and you only have yourselves to blame!

Building Single Dad Laughing has been the most fun I’ve had in years, and as it’s developed, I have become absolutely positive of one thing. 95% of my followers are seriously high class. The other 5%, trim your mullets, take a bath, learn the ABCs, and then let’s readdress it.

Here’s a quick glimpse at a few emails I’ve gotten from both the classy and the non-classy. We’ll keep them all anonymous.

“Hi Dan 🙂 I stumbled across your page while surfing on KSL for free stuff… We just moved here from the beach cities in California. I must admit, I am HOOKED on your blog. I’ve shared it with friends at work…laughed and even felt like crying after the fishing pole story…all in an hour. You’re an amazing blogger and even more so, an incredible father. The world definitely needs more men like you in the world. Please add me as a friend. I appreciate you sharing your life with everyone. 🙂 It’s heartwarming. <3″

First of all, what does <3 mean? I see it everywhere, in all sorts of messages and plastered all over Facebook. I’ve never bothered finding out what it means. Can somebody educate me? Less than three what? Second of all, I’m glad that I could swing your emotions so violently in the course of a single hour. Are you sure that was me? You may be going through “a change” in your life. Click here for more information on that. In all seriousness though, thanks for the awesome comps. You are definitely in the classy group. Even if you spend your time looking for free crap.

Here’s another awesome one.

“Dan, why did you not start a blog years ago? I guarantee you’re going to have thousands of followers in no time. I’ve already sent your blog to pretty much everybody I know. Please don’t stop posting cause I am so excited every day to wake up and check out what you’ve decided to send us for the day.”

Wow, so many people giving me such a big head. Don’t you know I already have to special order my hats? Also, I was wondering if you could clarify what you mean by your phrase: everybody you know. I don’t really know you, and for all I know everybody you know is like four pet ferrets. Thanks for spreading the word, even if it’s just to your rodent friends. You’re definitely in the top 95%.

And, here are a couple that I’m not sure how I feel about.

“dan, woud you be up for meeting some one i know? i have a best friend who likes you a lot and thinks your a good guy and exelent bloger and sais we can take a road trip to see you if you are crasy and spontanous and want to have some fun. we are in az so not far.”

Okay, I am flattered. I do have a few comments/questions for you though before I auto-reply no. First, how old are you? I’m guessing not even old enough to have a driver’s license, and I don’t want you breaking the law. Second, where’s the photograph? Don’t you know that you increase your odds of a reply back by 86% if you include a photograph? Or you decrease your odds by 100%, I suppose. I guess it depends on how ugly attractive you are. Second, do you want to take a road trip to meet me only if I’m “crasy”? If I’m not crasy do you not want to? Good thing I don’t even know what crasy means cause I might be tempted to be it. Finally, what does spontanous mean? I’m just curious. Seriously girl (at least I hope you’re a girl), learn to punctuate. Right now you are in the non-classy group for me. Resend that same message with perfect punctuation and fix the spelling, and I might be flattered at your desperation enough to bump you to classy. But definitely not enough to have you drive up with your friends. And no, I’m not very crasy or spontanous like that, so please don’t do it as a “surprise”. That would be called stalking.

Here’s another:

“Hi there, my name is —. I have been reading your blog for the past twelve hours at least and have read through every post some of them a few times. I think you deserve much better then what your getting from your ex wife. I have cried and laughed very hard when reading your blog. I want to thank you for helping me understand that there are good man out there and that not all men are complete m****** f******. I hope you will not stop loving your son Noah and I hope that some day you will not be ok. I will definitely read your blog every day and I hope you can teach all men how to be a nice man even though those guys probably are not reading stuff like this…”

Thank you for taking some serious, serious, serious time to read my blog. But twelve hours? I take that as a sincere compliment or a sign that you also are stalking me. I assure you that I will not stop loving Noah, and I appreciate your ridiculous concerns. I am glad that you think I’m “good man”. I’m also glad you don’t think I’m a complete m****** f***** like all men are. Thank goodness all those m****** f***** are not reading stuff like this, cause I’d hate to be associated with any m***** f*****. All in all, I’m really thankful for your sweet email, and I definitely put you in with the classy group, assuming that you didn’t mean to say that you hope I will not be ok. It’s okay, not everybody understands how double negatives work. Oh, and I’ve forwarded your message to my ex so that she knows I deserve better. Thank you for clarifying that for her in a way that I’ve never been able.

Here’s the last one I’ll share…

“your blog is a pathetic joke and i hope that it never has any a reader to see it. quit being a baby and crying and f****** being pathetac. I am jsut being honest with you bro you might want to pick osmething esle cause you’re writing is a f****** joke.”

Okay, I could take this one of two ways. I’m not sure if this person likes me or not. I’ll just assume they do. I’ll also assume that they never made it out of third grade based on their spelling and typing skills. I’ll also assume that they’ve never made it to first base with anybody but their ugliest cousin. And, by the way anonymous, I don’t like the f-word being posted on my blog, so if you’re gonna rip me apart using language like that, send me an email next time. <3 My email is at the top of every page. Thank goodness that my comments program automatically changes those naughty words into stars so that my family viewers aren’t corrupted. Me, I’m already corrupted, so send away.

Oh, one more thing, anonymous. Thanks for making me cry. I’m gonna go with my gut on this one and label you as not classy.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, If you want to be one of the next readers featured in “A Day in Danoah’s Inbox”, send me a message that says, well, whatever you want. I LOVE hearing from you, classy or not. And whether you send something or not, please share this post on Facebook or Twitter or wherever.

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Dan Pearce is an American-born author, app developer, photographer, and artist. This blog, Single Dad Laughing, is what he’s most known for, with more than 2 million daily subscribers as of 2017. Pearce writes mostly humorous and introspective works, as well as his musings which span from fatherhood, to dating, to life, to the people and dynamics of society. Single Dad Laughing is much more than a blog. It’s an incredible community of people just being real and awesome together!