Okay, this post won’t be super funny haha, but I’m really excited and I just had to share. Sorry for two posts in one day. Or should I say you’re welcome.

Most of you probably don’t know that I’m also very into photography. Like real photography. Not the crap snapshots you see on Single Dad Laughing (most of which I took with my phone), but actual good stuff. Last Halloween, I was out trick-or-treating with Noah, and as we were walking, a full moon started peaking its head over the mountain. I can’t express the beauty of it. The silhouette of the scrub oak trees a mile above us, blackened against a beaming moon, was absolutely incredible. Problem was, I didn’t have my camera, so a memory it would always be.

Since then, I have never been able to recreate the shot. I’ve tried at almost every full moon, but it either comes up somewhere else, way too late at night, middle of the day, or in general just didn’t happen. But the other night I was outside playing with my dog (yeah, at night, I’m a weirdo), and the moon started to peak over the mountain.

I rushed through the house at full speed gathering lenses, tripods, camera bags, filters, and anything else to take the perfect shot. I ran back outside literally two minutes later, and the moon was already completely risen. I gritted my teeth, hoisted all my gear, and started booking it on foot toward the mountain. I had to get far enough to get the mountain in front of the moon again.

I got about two blocks down and my shot was lined up again. I snapped a photo to check my settings. No good. I tweaked some things and snapped another. Still no good. It took a few snaps, but by the time I dialed in the right settings (the moon is awfully hard to photograph properly), it was again completely risen. So, I sprinted yet again toward the mountain.

I went further than I had to; This time I wasn’t going to miss it. I couldn’t miss it. It was my last chance, maybe for months. It finally started coming up over the mountain. I literally had only 45 seconds to capture my long-awaited shot before it was all-together too late. And… it finally happened. The planets aligned, and I finally got it.

Click to enlarge.

Thank goodness for my monster pervert zoom lens… that’s all I have to say.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing Giddy

PS, here are a few of my favorites as long as I’m sharing. Just a side of me you never knew. Enjoy.

I happened to snap Noah at mid-sneeze during his 6 month photo shoot.
This one was a serious favorite on Flickr.
Bridals are definitely among my favorite types of photography.
This was taken with three different exposures in Hawaii.
A picture’s worth a 1000 words.
I was at a castle in England. Check out the castle reflection.
Taken off the Na Pali coastline in Kauai.
The little bugger caught me sneaking up on him, but made a cool shot.
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