Sometimes it feels a little bit empty here at “The Boys’ House”. Until a few days ago, there were only three boys living here. Noah, Lucky, and Me. Here is a photo of all three of us.

If you’re having a hard time seeing me, look really close at Lucky’s training collar and you’ll see me in the reflection laughing at Noah as he breaks Lucky’s spine telling Noah to be nice to the dog. Please don’t crane your neck, I’m not really in the photo. Unless you look really hard in the reflection of Noah’s awesomeness.

Okay, that was cheesy and stupid. Sorry.

Anyway… sometimes it feels a little empty around here, so I talked to Noah and we decided to get a couple of new pets. The first pet we got was his new pet Fish. We brought his pet Fish home and Noah fell in love with him immediately. We would take it out and wrap it in a towel and stroke it’s cute little head until he would stop trying to bite us. When he looked like he’d about had enough, we put him back in his new home. But, he would just kind of loaf there unhappy and emotionless. He seemed much too depressed, so we started searching and found another perfect addition to “The Boys’ House”

You probably guessed from the title, the next little guy we brought home was Noah’s pet Monkey. This would be an adventure. We brought his pet Monkey home and put him in his new cage. He jumped and screeched to let us know he was not happy about the change in his environment, but after awhile he calmed down some. When he seemed minorly adjusted, I opened his cage door and reached inside to try and pull him out, but the damned thing jumped from the side of the cage and bit me! I was not a fan of Noah’s new pet Monkey, that’s for sure. I got a towel and threw it over the top of him and pulled him out. He struggled like crazy to get free, but I held him tight and clamped his mouth shut until he calmed down. He bit me more than 10 times that first night, and I finally got sick of him and put him back in his cage.

This was all two nights ago. Since then, we have taken Noah’s pet Fish out several times and he seems to be loving the attention. He’ll sit on our hands and just look at us while we pet him, though sometimes he looks at us as if he’s desperate for us to put him back inside his new home. I don’t know why. His pet Monkey, for some reason, is a little devil and all he wants to do is screech and bite and freak out. We’re determined though, that we’re going to get his pet Monkey trained so that he’ll be a good little bird for Noah.

Oh, did I not mention they are both birds? Fish is what Noah named our new Cockatiel. Monkey is what he named our new Parakeet. I told Noah he could name them whatever he wanted, and those were the names he chose. And yes, I realize I put the wrong heads on the wrong birds. Oh well.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, I have a poem for you. Roses are red. Violets are blue.We want you to follow us.

PPS, they really are pretty little birds. It’ll be fun having five boys around the house.


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