Today, I want to publicly thank God and the angels that were watching over Noah (and others) on Friday while he was at his mom’s house.

Long story short, my sister went to visit Noah’s mom and shortly after she got there, a pan of oil that had been heating on the stove burst into flames. His step dad yelled to my sister not to throw water on it, and then ran to get a towel. Apparently my sister didn’t hear him because while he was out of the room, she grabbed a bowl of water and threw it onto the flaming oil.

Never do that. Ever.

I thank God that the moment the fire started, Noah’s step dad yelled at him to get out of the house. Noah obediently ran for safety, and just in the nick of time. When my sister threw the water at the oil, a fireball filled the entire kitchen and traveled 30 feet into the next room. Had Noah been inside, he easily could have been killed or severely scarred for life. My sister ended up with first and second degree burns up her hands, arms and neck. Miraculously she is going to be okay.

As you probably know, the last thing you ever want to do with a grease fire is throw water on it to try and extinguish it. Please watch this short 35 second video clip. Judging by the burn trails from my ex-wife’s kitchen to their living room, this video is pretty accurate of what happened Friday.

Noah sure thought it was exciting. He’s retold the story to me at least 4,000 times. I can’t blame him. It’s not every day you get to see a fireball rip through your house.

As for me, I was sick to my stomach all day at the thought of what could have happened to my little man. Thank God nothing did. Thank God my sister isn’t scarred for life. Thank God for a lot of things that day. He definitely kept a bad situation from ending a whole lot worse.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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