Okay, first off, let me start by saying you’re welcome. You’re welcome for what I’m about to share with you because it WILL change your life. Or at least it will enhance your parties. No, I’m sticking with life. It will definitely change your life.

Last weekend my friends introduced me to a game with no name, but was quite literally the most fun, hardest-laughing game I’ve ever played. And you know what? All you need is pens and paper and a group of people willing to be absolutely silly and completely ridiculous. No artistic talent is necessary!

Here’s how it works (oh, and by the way I named it Passadoodle):
How to play Passadoodle:

1. At the top of a blank sheet of paper, each person in the room writes a random descriptive sentence. It can say whatever you want. The more random, the better.

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2. As soon as everybody is done writing their sentences, pass it to the next person who doodles what the sentence reads. You don’t have to have any artistic talent. Stick figures are very acceptable.

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3. Each person then folds back the top sentence so that only the doodle is showing, and they pass it to the next person who writes a descriptive sentence of what they think the doodle is.

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4. Each person then folds back the first doodle and passes it so that only the most recent descriptive sentence is showing. The next person doodles what they read in that sentence.

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5. Keep going in this fashion until the end of the paper is reached or it ends up back at the person who started it.

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6. Always make sure to end with a descriptive sentence. If you did it right, you’ll be laughing your butt off cause you’ll get something like this:

Click image to enlarge

So, there it is. Now, I know it’s Labor Day weekend. I’m sure my blog will be a little bit lonely this weekend, but that’s okay if I know you are going to take some writing materials with you and play this game in honor of the days you’ll miss Single Dad Laughing.

In fact, I love this game so much that my friends and I built an entire new blog around it. Please come check it out and subscribe and like us on Facebook while you’re there. It’s at www.passadoodle.com. If you like Single Dad Laughing (or at least the irreverent side of Single Dad Laughing), you’ll LOVE passadoodle. And, it’s only a weekly post, so no real big time commitment!

Regardless, play the game this weekend. I’d love to see what you come up with.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad LMAO.

FOLLOW UP NOTE: We shut down the Passadoodle blog shortly after it started because… nobody cared! 🙂 The game is still super fun though, and you should definitely do it!

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