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Bonus post today. We all could use a good laugh.

Did you know that I’m a fraud? Neither did I, but apparently, Single Dad Laughing is just that, and a lot of other things.

I can’t help but laugh at some of the things that have been publicly declared about SDL. At first, it hurt. Now, some of it is getting so ridiculous that I can’t really do anything but laugh.

So… yeah. Enjoy this list of everything Single Dad Laughing apparently is (and isn’t). Here it is, all laid out for you according to those that have never met me.

  • Apparently, I am a fraud.
  • Apparently, I am doing this all so that I can start some big multi-level-marketing scam.
  • Apparently, there is an entire team of writers running this outfit, pretending to be one man.
  • Apparently, I am an abusive father.
  • Apparently, I have another, illigitimate child that I don’t support and hide from you all.
  • Apparently, the government is secretly running Single Dad Laughing.
  • Apparently, I am starting a big church and you’re all going to come running to join when I announce it.
  • Apparently, I am conceited, big headed, and arrogant. Well, I do have a big head. I have to special order my hats.
  • Apparently, I am working with the conservatives. Which is funny because,
  • Apparently, I am also working with the liberals.
  • Apparently, the people following are all fake. Which means you aren’t even reading this. How trippy is that?
  • Apparently, the comments were all placed on my posts by me (more than 10,000 of them)
  • Apparently, I hate all other parenting blogs.
  • Apparently, I hate all other parents and think I am perfect.
  • Apparently, I am sponsored by M&Ms, who are really the ones behind this outfit.
  • Apparently, I am plagiarizing all of my work.
  • Apparently, I work for the porn industry. (huh? where did that come from?)
  • Apparently, I have a lot of one night stands.
  • Apparently, everything I say is fake for the purpose of drawing a crowd.
  • Apparently, I neglect Noah to do this blog.
  • Apparently, I hate mentally disabled people.
  • Apparently, I have cancer and I am just buttering you all up so that you’ll pay for my treatments.
  • Apparently, I sold my soul to the devil.
  • Apparently, I am homosexual.
  • Apparently, I am a lot of things.

Wow, what did Single Dad Laughing do to cause such a stir in the blogging world?

As always… I am so thankful for each of you “real” people. I am not famous. I am not popular. I just wrote some words that have caused a lot of beautiful people to come together. We will see a lot of good things happen.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing.

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