Haha, it’s time for some serious fun around here, so why not a bonus post today!

I think it’s funny how the more popular Single Dad Laughing gets, the more people are trying to tear it down and declare it all as phony.

In the early days of the blog, it was almost ALL about the sarcastic humor and writing. Six weeks ago, something extremely unforseen and significant happened in my family, and I realized that I had been using my voice for the wrong things (not just on my blog but in life). I had been causing a lot of problems in society instead of healing them. That’s when I tackled the “Perfection” idea.

And yes, I said six weeks ago. People and their perspectives can drastically change in very short periods of time when something drastic happens in their lives, especially to those they love.

Since then, I’ve made it my point to harness that hurt I have been carrying for so many years. Instead of directing it away from me, I decided to turn it into beautiful and inspiring writing. My recent “power posts” have all been extreme therapy for me, not just desperate pleas for society, and I think that’s why they have been so well-received.

Does all that make me a “fraud”? Some like to think so. I simply think it’s me taking my own advice and being “real” for the first time in my life, while asking all of you to do it alongside me. What does yesterday ever have to do with the here and now? Have you not read The disease called “Perfection”. I am not perfect, never have been, never will be. That’s the whole point of that post. If you only want to follow a perfect person who never makes mistakes, and never messes up, and never says the wrong thing, this is not the place for you. My past is full of dirt. So is my future. I’m never going to pretend otherwise.

[sigh] But, I’m going to blog about that in detail on another day. Today, I want everybody to lighten up and have some fun. Can readers go back to my earlier posts and find a few things that are “shocking” and “disturbing”? I guess so, if it’s done with no sense of humor, and a few of you have.

Like when I talked about how cranky Noah is when he gets woken prematurely from his naps, and made a joke about knocking him out with Nyquil. Hmmm… do you honestly think I’d do that? Some of you took that one line and started posting all over the internet that SDL is an abusive, lying parent. Come on folks, let’s all try to have a sense of humor! Do you never joke about parenting? I hope you do. It makes life a lot more fun because parenting isn’t always easy.

A month and a half ago, we did something fun. We had a “Sarcasmic Writing Contest”. And today I want to have another one to help people loosen up, especially those few of you who are combing through every past post trying to dig up dirt so that you can declare me, and everything I say, a lie.

I do enjoy sarcasm (even if my tone has drastically changed in the past six weeks or so). I want you to read these two paragraphs (from the last contest) and tell me which one is good for a laugh, because sometimes we just need to laugh at the things that happen in life. At least I do.

Writer #1: The girl I went out with had lots of great traits (like her love for fine food and want for affection) and she also had an incredible personality. But ultimately, I decided that I’d rather go another route, so I gave her a hug and we went our separate ways, nobody the worse for wear.


Writer #2: Let’s be honest, the girl I went out with was a train wreck. For the first time in my life I knew what it was like to be a starving child and fear for my own food. If I turned my head while eating it disappeared from my plate and I was left with a gurgling unsatisfied stomach. Besides her habit of eating everything that would fit in her mouth (including every single one of my ping pong balls) she had this insatiable appetite for touching me. It didn’t matter what kind of signals I’d give her to tell her I didn’t want it, she hung on me like a drowning child to a lifeguard. If I’d move to get away, she’d move with me. If I’d get up, she’d stand up beside me. If I dropped crumbs on my shirt, she’d insist that she dust them off. And all of that was in the first six minutes with her. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed to sneak out of the restroom window at Applebees and head for the hills before she could suffocate me with any more of her fake English accent. So, I did what any decent guy would do, and I told her I thought she was awesome, but unfortunately I just got a call that my best friend was in a really bad car accident. I gave her a hug and we went our separate ways, nobody the worse for wear.

And with that, I CHALLENGE YOU TO A SARCASTIC WRITING CONTEST! Take the following politically correct and kind paragraph about me and turn it as funny and sarcastic and bloated as you possibly can in the comments section below, because at this blog, we can do that once in awhile. Do you have the guts? Go ahead, get it out. Be as tough as you want. I know it’s all in good fun. Sometimes it’s just good to laugh at ourselves, and if you can’t tell from this next paragraph, I’m setting you up to poke a lot of fun at me! So, who’s up for a laugh?

Dan Pearce, from Single Dad Laughing, posts about many interesting topics. His blog’s popularity has grown very rapidly in the recent past, due to many factors. Some find his writing to be too brazen, however, most of his readers appreciate and agree with what he has to say. Dan posts his dreams for the public to see, which to a few is a turn-off, but to most is inspirational. One time, Dan asked his readers to send emails to Oprah and Ellen, with mixed responses, most of them positive, some negative. Dan promotes self-esteem, self-respect, and good parenting.

Everybody thumbs up your favorite responses. I’ll mention some of the most popular ones on the next contest, and link to your blog if you have one. And please, everybody try and laugh today. The deep, intense, beautiful stuff will drown us if we never step back, grab our guts, and laugh till we cry.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

And while you’re at it, visit the last contest, the most popular responses were from khippor (I dream loudly), Langela, Ange, Frumzy, BusmasterJones, and Nunyabidness.

Thanks for sharing. Thanks for following.

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