You can learn a lot from a three-year-old. You can learn even more from a room full of three-year-olds.

For example, the number to dial in case of an emergency.

October is National Fire Safety Month, and Noah’s preschool class headed over to the firehouse for a fire safety smorgasbord of awesomeness.

Even at 30 years old, I learned all sorts of new things about fire safety that I either never knew, or have long forgotten. I think I was just as captivated during the presentation as the kids were.

Noah absolutely loved it. He hasn’t been able to stop talking about how cool firemen are. He has made an official declaration that he wants to be a fireman when he grows up. I think there would be few things nobler.

One of his highlights was this moment, when the fireman shook each child’s hand to teach them that the man in the crazy suit was a friend, not someone they ought to fear should he ever come looking for them in a fire.

During the class, the fireman asked many questions. With each question, a blanket of silence would hover until someone’s child squeaked out an answer. No matter what their answer was, the rest of the kids would hurry and shout the exact same thing.

“Does anybody know what number you should dial when there is a fire?” the fireman asked. Noah knew this one. 9-1-0! he shouted before his thunder could be stolen. Other kids all took his lead and started shouting out the same incorrect digits. I couldn’t help but laugh. The bigger kids finally chimed in and gave the proper reply.

Another awesome moment was when the fireman asked the kids what they should do if they catch on fire. Noah, being the expert he was from the recent grease fire, again was first to scream out. “You run super fast”. Again, the other kids mimicked him. Again, I laughed. The fireman chuckled and explained the concept of stop, drop, and roll.

It was so fun. Other kids blurted out a lot of funny, wrong answers in response to the fireman’s questions. It made me seriously envy the job of a preschool teacher. I think what amazed me most was how many correct answers were shouted. Little kids are smart.


Noah and his best buddy, Cohen

Then, the anticipated moment came when the kids all got to go see the fire engines and ambulances. Just as they all started crawling toward the door (to practice the ‘get low and go’ technique), the alarms went off, and the field trip was cut short. Noah was heartbroken until I explained that they have to go save somebody who is hurt. Then he was thrilled.

The teacher rescheduled the second half of the field trip, and on Friday we all met back at the fire house. The kids spent the next hour walking through the ambulance, learning about the different emergency vehicles, and even trying on the fireman gear. It was a day Noah will remember and talk about for a long time.

Now, we just need to make sure he dials the right digits so that if there is a fire, he calls the emergency switchboard, and not some random weirdo in North Carolina.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard a child say recently?

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