Okay, first of all, THANK YOU for the response to when “amazing” happens. Just since this morning, more than $1,000 has been sent in, and a lot of people have volunteered their time as well. I am floored by your generosity. I am grateful. I didn’t know what to expect, I only knew what I wanted us to accomplish, and now I can see that together we are going to make some very neat things happen.

I may have put the cart before the horse a little bit with the M&Ms to the children’s hospital idea. It turns out the children’s hospital may not permit certain things for all or some kids, so I will be finding out everything we can and cannot take, and will make a new plan to storm the hospital. Either way, it will be “amazing”.

But, that’s just a follow-up note. I actually wanted to share my feelings about one awesome lady.

You see, I have been sorting through some of the photos on my camera from the last few days, and when I saw this photograph I couldn’t help but stop and think about what an incredible and beautiful lady she is.

Nana, Dad, and Noah at the zoo on Monday

This is my mom. The grandkids call her Nana.

Nana taught me almost everything I know about how to be kind to other people. Nana taught me almost everything I know about how to give my time and talents freely to other people. Nana taught me a lot of things, always by example.

Every week, Nana gives up two days to go do service. She doesn’t ask for anything in return. Ever.

Every Sunday, Nana buys the food and puts together a giant Sunday dinner. She doesn’t ask for anything in return. Ever. In fact, at those Sunday dinners, Nana makes sure that everybody knows how welcome they are. Almost every week this includes those that are strangers to most of us. Nana doesn’t care. She likes a full house. And in her house, everyone is family.

Nana has ten children. I’m second to the oldest. She’s mom to all of us equally, and she’ll never hesitate to make us feel that.

Nana is always happy to move things around so that she can watch the kids any time any of us need her. She never asks for anything in return. Ever.

Nana taught me how to talk to children. She taught me love and kindness. I love watching Nana with her grandkids. And they love every spare minute that they can get with this awesome lady.

She is one awesome lady.

Every couple of months she hosts a Nana Camp where all the grandkids come for the day and do something amazing with her. Crafts, movie parties, all sorts of things. All the kids are invited. Even my ex-sister-in-law’s children. You see, divorce isn’t enough to make Nana less of a Nana to anyone.

Nana is always so happy when her children and grandchildren do amazing things. She brags them up to the world and can never be heard saying a hurtful or careless thing to anyone. Nana has taught me how to truly love others. Nana taught me how to strip myself of pride. And I love her for that.

She is one awesome lady.

Nana always has a listenening ear. People confide in Nana things that they don’t tell anybody else. Nana knows how to help people stop hurting. Even strangers confide things in Nana. Her spirit is just that warm.

Nana is always there for late night talks when this dad needs them. She always has good advice.

I love Nana. I love my mom. She is one awesome lady. I could have waited until tomorrow to say that, but why should I? It was tonight that I saw the picture, and tonight that I stopped and thought about just how awesome Nana is.

You see, I am the man you know as Single Dad Laughing, in large part, to Nana.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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