Okay, time for a small, yet overly necessary rant.

What is up with the freakin’ password Nazis?! Forget loving the bullies when it comes to these guys. They are ruining my life, and I think it’s time that we all gang up on them.

Today I wanted to sign up to be a member of some random discussion forum. It’s already annoying enough that they won’t let me lurk on other people’s discussions without becoming a member. But, for whatever reason, I did want to be part of it enough to unload my personal information to them. And, of course, they asked me to create a password.

I typed in my usual: 123456. The same password I’ve used for everything since 6th grade.

A bubble popped up that said, “not strong enough”.

I groaned. And typed in my more secure password: danp123 (which I always liked because it rhymes).

A bubble popped up that said, “not strong enough”.

I groaned even louder. This time I typed in the password that I knew would be accepted. DanP123RocKs.

A bubble popped up that said, “not strong enough”.

I smashed my fist against my keyboard and cursed at the screen. Suddenly a follow-up bubble popped up that said, “Your password must contain one lower case letter, one upper case letter, one number, one symbol, the actual number of corrupt politicians in the world, and be at least 430 characters long.”

So, I left. Never to see what I wanted to see. Never to return.

Seriously. I think that these password restrictions are getting ridiculous. Let’s say my favorite password was IloveSMELLYwalruses. Is anybody ever going to actually guess that? Does it really make things more secure to make me change it to Ilove^SMELLYwalruses321?!

At the very least, they should require every website on earth to use the same guidelines so that I only have to remember one impossible password.

Who wants to write passwords down to remember them? Isn’t that a lot more risky?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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