This past week, I asked for people to post their photographs on Facebook. My request was for happy moments between moms and dads and their kids. It was the best day of my week by far. More than a thousand photos of the most beautiful people and beautiful moments were sent in. I’ve been through the album several times. Each time I do, it fills me so full of giddiness.

More than anything, it put a face on all of this for me. It renewed my vigor for what we are doing here at Single Dad Laughing. I laughed with happiness at many, I cried with happiness at some. And so, I’ve decided that Sundays are now going to be our “This is beautiful you” days, where we all get to see a few of the incredible people that are spreading “real” around us.

And with that being said…

This is beautiful you.

Coach Dad
I wish I could post all 1,000+ today, but I’ll control myself. I think Sunday may become my favorite blog day of the week. I just love ya all so much, and thank you for sharing.
If these photos made you as happy as they made me, please share this on Facebook. Why not make a lot of people happy today?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, we’d love to have you follow us. We have a lot of fun around here. If you’d like to send in photos to be considered in Sunday’s “This is beautiful you” and other future blog posts, please post them on the Facebook wall. Emailed photos will not be considered. Only upload photos that you don’t mind me using, and that you have the rights to.