Don’t get me wrong. None of this is to say that men should or can stop appreciating beauty. That would be unnatural. That would be impossible. It is not to say that women shouldn’t make themselves as attractive as they can be. It is not to say that we shouldn’t appreciate cleanliness and comeliness. No, it is not to say any of those things. It is only to plead with each of you. Let’s bring this world back to reality. Let’s make sure that the people we are attracted to are “real” people. Let’s make sure that the women we stop and look at are “real” women.

That is the simplicity of today’s message.

Like I said, I am a heterosexual man. And in my life, I have never known a time when men weren’t constantly being programmed to want more boobs, more butts, and more legs. Asking for less of it goes against everything that the media has crammed down my throat for 30 years. Asking for less of it goes against everything I’ve been taught to believe that a man is. It is not an easy concept for me to choke down, much less advocate, but I’m going to ask for it anyway.

Because, let’s be honest. It wasn’t anything but the media that made me this way. It is the media that has worked endlessly to make all men this way. Can we not agree to that? Sure, we’ve all done our part in spreading the muck, but it all bubbles up from the same cesspool of forgeries.

What do you say, fellas? Can we take a step back, cordially give the media the finger, and start seeing “real” women as beautiful, just as they always have been?

And what do you say, women? Throw us a freaking bone? Give us something we can believe in? Give us the women we so desperately want to cherish? “Real” women with “real” love for themselves? All you have to do is stop. And look. Look at reality. Look at what you want. Look at what needs to be changed. Look at the problems you’re making worse instead of better. And, never, not even once, let those self-loathing statements listed above enter your thoughts. Certainly never let them escape your lips.

Let’s do this already. Men, own up. It’s time. Women, help us do it.

With everything I have,

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, Men, imagine the power you carry in what you will say and do after you read this. Imagine the men of this world doing something truly noble to fix the lives and hearts of our women. Imagine the ability to see beauty everywhere we look.

Does anybody have the brass to swim against the current with me? Does anybody have the courage to say, “this is wrong, this is hurting people, and I will no longer participate”?

I hope so. With everything inside of me, I hope so.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Men or women. Whether you agree or whether you don’t. If you do disagree, that’s fine, just be courteous in your reply. Let’s all have an intelligent and significant conversation about this.

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