I’m out of here for the rest of the day. It’s Black Friday, which means I’ve gotz me some deals to go getz. For those of you outside the U.S., Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, when retailers “go into the black” financially. They usually offer “door-buster” deals that start in the wee hours of the morning and carry on the rest of the weekend. Sometimes the deals are so good that crazy things happen.

Some people hate black Friday, but not me. I love watching the mayhem. People watching in general is just so much fun for me. I find it interesting to watch the absolutely insane things that some shoppers will do in the pandemonium to be one of the only ones to get a deal on something.

And, as passionate as many are about going and getting the deals, a lot of people are just as passionate about not participating.

So, just for fun, I asked people over on the Facebook page What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen on Black Friday? Here are some of the answers that had me either laughing out loud or seriously cringing.

Heather: “Besides working retail and being run over (literally, there are scars on the back of my heels) with a cart?”

Ashley: “Last year I was out with my baby (who was almost 1) and a lady wanted something I had in my hands so she tried pushing my baby out of my hands to get it!”

Timberlee: “People fighting over socks”

Staci: “Someone knock a pregnant woman down in order to score a $19 dvd player!”

Amanda: “About 5 years ago a lady spit on me to get a cabbage patch baby”

Jeff: “at a FootAction had a guy threaten to kick my rear-end for buying his size in a pair of shoes…then he proceeded to kick over all the trash cans at the mall when he couldnt find his size anywhere else”

Lesley: “I saw a woman assault a police officer at Toys R Us, and she got tazered.”

Dawn: “Watching 2 grown women literally fight over the last flannel shirt in a bin.”

Eileen: “Some lady tried to steal my cart WITH MY BABY INSIDE! ( She was 18 months at the time) I laid her out! And I was a very large, 6 months pregnant!”

Richard: “After working at Walmart for years…the fight over the Furbie! Unreal!”

Evie: “Two grown men have a fist fight over a stupid bratz doll.”

Sara: “I used to work at a KB toys and one Black Friday, a little Asian woman had been standing in line for hours to get the deals, and she was visibly sick. Right when she got to the cash register, she vomited EVERYWHERE. Guess who had to clean it up.”

Jessie: “The last time I did the black friday thing was when play station2 fists came out. I had 1 in my basket and this big line backer looking dude snatched it out. I punched him in the back he turned around and hit me in the face with his fist. They called the law on us and I almost went 2 jail. OVER A PLAY STATION2 ! Needless 2 say my son didn’t get what he wanted for christmas that year.”

Miri: “Someone took a shirt out of my hands… I figured she needed it more than me, primarily because she was bigger than me and I didn’t want to get hurt…”

Jill: “Shooting at walmart..cops ambulance…the whole 9 yards…all over the last item left…”

Judy: “I saw a woman take a 42 ” LCD TV out of a mans cart and put it in hers and head down an ilse and he never noticed.”

Kerri: “The lady who nearly knocked my 240lb husband over while he was sitting out of the way in his wheelchair.”

Elizabeth: “I saw two people go at it (punching, kicking) for the last available shopping cart…”

Chalea: “A customer throwing toys at a cashier because she asked for ID when he presented his credit card”

Jessica: “When I was a kid I went to walmart… and two women got in a fight over a freaking game boy, and they were slugging it out”

Kristan: “a man & a woman got in a b-slapping fight in K-Mart at 4 am… Over a rinky dink wannabe TV!!!! They both went to jail & no one got the TV, cuz it was shattered all over the Electronic dept.!”

Stephanie: “Some idiot left their new born-ish child in the cart when they put the cart in the cart corral. . . . only took 45 mins for them to be located.”

Cathy: “I was in line at Wal-Mart when two women got into a battery fight with each other, not over an item, but because one woman bumped the other woman with her shopping cart on accident. The lady shoved the cart back at her. She then picked up a large pack of C size batteries and hit the lady over the head. Batteries then began to fly. I was in line right beside them. It was very scary. Both arrested and taken to the hospital.”

Jena: “I worked at a toy store and one guy got so mad when his card declined that he threw a big package of D batteries at my head.”

Kimberly: “Two years ago I saw two women at Walmart cat fighting over a pair of bedsheets.”

Chanda: “a friend of mine had her wrist broken over the last gps that someone wanted out of her hand.”

Dana: “When I worked at a Large National Retailer, the doors opened at 5 a.m. and about 10 women in Viking helmets came running in the door, crying war cries.”

Giovanna: “one year i worked toys r us on a black friday and I saw some lady punch another lady in the face over a tickle me elmo while they were both standing in front of a display for both of them. My manager asked me why I didn’t stop the fight and I told him getting punched in the face would cost him time and a half.”

Shannon: “I used to work as a cashier at Toys r us and never got a break all day or got to eat anything cause we were so busy and I passed out at the register hitting my head as I went down. Blood and drama, ambulance, very embarrassing!”

Amanda: “People in mob mentality trampling people – literally, an ambulance was called – to get into our local electronics store.”

Amy: “in the 80s as a child I remember women fighting over cabbage patch dolls. They would pull hair and punch each other to steal that last doll.”

Hidi: “my hubby get punched over a rockband game.”

Jessica: “my dad was just telling me about going with my mom one year. They were at Macy’s…and he said about 100 women made a beeline for , of all things, the wrapping paper. He said himself and one other guy were literally slammed against the wall and unable to move. The women were hitting and scratching and pulling hair…over WRAPPING PAPER!”

And the last one I was able to read, which was also my favorite.

Linda: “was scooped up by a tall young man and set quickly out of his way with a “my apologies m’am” as he dashed into the surge of hundreds of shoppers rushing to grab a Furby.”

Yes, black Friday is so much fun. At least for those who come out of it unscathed. So tell me… are you one of the ones that loves the mayhem (and why), are you one of the ones who passionately hates it (and why), or are you completely indifferent?

And, do any of you from other countries have similarly crazy shopping days during the year?

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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