How about some fun today? You are guilty. I am guilty. I guarantee Jim Bob over there is guilty. His just had to do with moonshine and NASCAR.

I’m talking about dreams, and our good-intentioned desires to share their awesomeness with those around us. Wanna hear about a dream I just had?

I was walking down a long boardwalk on a darkly clouded day. The wind was picking up and so were the waves on the crashing shoreline. Suddenly out of nowhere, a little creature that looked like a cross between Gollum and Taylor Swift jumped out in front of me. He was holding a paper bag full of rotten food. He asked me if I’d like some. I told him no. He insisted, and when I said no again, he whipped out a guitar and sang a song that he called “Shouldn’t have said no”. But then he, or was it a she, turned into a dancing turnip and started dancing some sort of Russian squat-and-kick type thing. I was really shocked when a guy with a metal detector walked by and his detector started beeping vigorously at the turnip. The little veggy tried to run, but I tackled him and chopped him up for a salad. Later, I was eating the salad and bit into a 100 year old penny. I started to cry because I realized it must have been inside of the turnip.

Why did I tell you that? I don’t know. Probably because I woke up this morning and thought, that was the awesomest ever. Which is the same reason any of us tell anybody about the dreams we had. It was awesome, it was scary, it was “so real”. But have you ever noticed that when you look around while you’re telling people about your awesome dream, half of the people are fighting off yawns and the other half are playing games on their phones?

Yep. I’ve been watching for the past few years, and I’ve noticed something. People don’t often care about other people’s dreams. And rightfully so. They’re usually boring. It’s like telling somebody the entire storyline of a movie that made absolutely no sense.

In another dream I was sitting in the grass playing. I was a baby, but I still had the head of a 30-year-old man…

I’ll just stop right there before you end up thinking the same thought I always do. There goes ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

They’re your dreams. Maybe sometimes it’s best if they’re kept that way. I’ll do the same. And maybe, just maybe, we can all spend that time doing something truly awesome instead. Like telling each other about our current aches and pains or delving into drawn-out political debate.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, how about you? Am I way out in left field? Do you love telling your dreams? Do you love listening to other people’s dreams? What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had? Get it out here, where it will have its place for time and all eternity in a forum that people might actually read it and smile. Then do yourself a favor, and don’t tell anybody else.

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