The holidays, mixed with recent life events, have really made me thankful for my siblings these past couple weeks (in case you haven’t been able to tell). I have nine siblings in all. As I look at the lot of them, it amazes me how diverse we are and where the winds of life have carried us all. We seem to cover the entire spectrum of life. We come in all different shapes and sizes. We have very different religious and spiritual beliefs. Some of us have lived squeaky clean lives. Some of us have had multiple run-ins with the law. Some of us are adopted. Some of us are biological. Some of us are mentally disabled. Some of us aren’t. Some of us have dark hair. Some of us have blond. Some of us are musicians. Some of us are businesspeople. Some of us are students.

No matter what happens in our lives, no matter what direction we each take, and no matter what we all believe, the title of sibling can never be taken away. For better or worse, we’re stuck with each other, and I’m thankful for that.
And, as I sat pondering my own siblings, I got to wondering about yours. I asked you on Facebook for photos of you with your adult siblings. You posted more than 200 of them! And, just as I suspected, many of your photos told beautiful tales of beautiful people, rarely similar to the people standing next to each other in those photos. Many stories were told about siblings lost to death or distance. Many mentioned getting together at the “last wedding” or the “last funeral”. Many shared deep sentiments of love and respect.

Every Sunday I take some of the photos that you have uploaded to the Facebook wall, and I post them here. Today it’s all about you and your adult siblings. I love This is Beautiful You because it gives me (and everybody else) an incredible glimpse of who we all are. It puts a face on what we’re doing here. It gives us a beautiful idea of the uniqueness and diversity of the followers here at SDL. More than anything, it shows all of us just how beautiful we each can be.

Thank you for sharing a small part of yourselves. It’s my honor to put the spotlight on you and your siblings today. This is beautiful you.

If you’d like to send in photos to be considered for Sunday’s “This is beautiful you” and other future blog posts, please post them on the Facebook wall (we need lots more!). Emailed photos will not be considered. Only upload photos that you don’t mind me using, and that you have the rights to use. The photos can be of yourself, or you with anybody that you love or are close to (kids, friends, significant others, anybody).

I wish I could post all of the sibling pictures today. If your photo didn’t make it, check back as I’ll do a sibling edition from time to time! The picking process was 100% random of those submitted.

If you like this Sunday tradition, I’d appreciate if you share this page. Let’s make a lot of people happy today. We’d also love to have you find a way to follow us. We have a lot of fun around here.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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