I sat down with Noah to help him write his first letter to Santa Claus. Rather than instruct him how to write it, I just wrote down everything he told me to write down, occasionally steering him back on track when he would mentally wander from the task at hand.

Here it is, word for word.

Santa’s Deer,

Ummm, I’ve been a good boy. I cleaned my bed. I ate all my cereal. I did a good job doing cleaning my toys. I did a good job Santa. I be’d nice. I be’d nice. I be’d nice. I’ll be nice. I’m gonna be nice. I have a tractor and you move the thing right there and then the tractor starts making some tractor sounds.

I say please may I please. I just tooted. I did just a good job. Daddy, is that called paper that you’re writing on? I have a little air-o-plane. I put all the cuxchions back on the couch. What’s this? Does Santa say ho ho ho right here? I cleaned the house. My fish and my monkey are my birds because they be nice.

Can I tell him that I shoveled the snow? Grrrrr… dad, can we play that game where you are a mean mouse trying to bite my neck?

That was all I could do. Oh and I never wet my pants, and I know I don’t ever poop in my underwear.

I want a remote control helicopter.

I want a blue one and a red one. The little ones I had upstairs in my closet, I tried it and my dad put new batteries in it, and I tried the remote control, and it turned the thing around like this, and it flied in circles and it crashed into something and then it broke and that’s why I want a new helicopters.

This one kind of looks pretty fancy. I like that one.

When are we going to be done?

And then, I want three helicopters.

I promise I’ll be a good boy this year. Tick-a tick-a tick-a-too. Does helicopters spin around really fast?

I love you Santa. Thank you for sending me that little baby teddy bear when I was a baby at my mom’s house.

Love, Noah

Gosh, I love that kid. I can’t wait for all the other awesomeness the holidays bring.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, what’s the funniest thing your child ever put on his list for Santa? I remember as a kid, we used to sit with notebooks in front of Saturday morning cartoons and write down every toy that looked awesome in the commercials. Good times.

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