You may remember from this post that I have been suffering from a case of the “single during the holidays for the first time in a decade” blues. It hit me hard, and it hit me suddenly. In fact, I didn’t realize how depressed I was until I was half-way done writing that post.

Proof that I have to special order my hats.

Believe it or not, it originally was meant to be a humor post. My biggest mistake was writing it right before I left on a date with a really beautiful girl. I finished it minutes before she arrived at my home, and I was so down that I sat like a blank-faced turd for the entire first-half of the evening. I’m actually surprised she stuck around. Thank goodness she did because the last half of the date was at least a little better than a kick in the face.

Anyway, I’ve been fighting to get the Christmas spirit back ever since. There have definitely been ups and downs. I still haven’t found the needed oomph to put up a big Christmas tree, but I have done several things with Noah that have been magical. Some of my single friends came over and we all had a mock Christmas (more on that later, after I get the pics). I’ve spent heartwarming time with family and friends. And, I’ve even almost baked Christmas cookies (more on that soon).

But, ever since that post, I’ve also been planning to write a post about every reason I love Christmas. I wanted to write something people might find powerful or touching. I wanted to write something that would rocket-propel me into the awesomeness of the holidays. I wanted to write something that would help me remember that Christmas isn’t about me at all. Because writing, you see, has always been able to heal me of whatever I am going through.

And so I sat down to write. But nothing came.

Days later, I sat down to write, and again nothing came.

Today, I sat down to write, and as I sat staring blankly at my screen yet again, it hit me like a truckload of chestnuts. I can’t write my way out of this one.

You see, every time I began typing, I was instantly flooded with the memories of my favorite parts of holidays past. It was never the gifts that meant the most to me. It was never the decorations or the food. It was never Santa Claus or the Christmas music. It was the things I’d do alongside the people I loved to truly serve others in their greatest times of need.

That’s what’s missing this year. I’ve had nobody to be my partner in crime while we plot out perfect and secret service projects. I’ve had nobody to ask “who can we go blow some money on who really needs it?” In fact, the only thing I’ve been a part of is a Sub for Santa, but it’s my family putting it together. Not me. I’m just handing over some gifts, and it’s just not the same.

So, I realized what I need to do. And I’m hoping that a few of you might join me by doing it in your own areas and then writing and telling me about it.

On Christmas day, I am going to drive down to the homeless district, armed with a couple hundred dollars or so worth of useful gift cards. Then, I’m going to hand them out to those who truly have something to worry about this holiday season. To make the day complete, I’m going to film my next installment of Single Dad Laughing’s Just Dance while I’m there, and I can promise you this. It’s going to be a really special one.

I know a couple hundred bucks is almost nothing. I know it won’t change the world or get anybody back on their feet. I wish I could take more. Maybe next year when I have an actual income coming in.

Small amount or not, it’s going to change my Christmas for the better. In fact, just in writing this it already has. I’m going to be dancing this Christmas. And I’m going to dance with some new friends if they’ll dance with me. If you have no idea what I’m talking about with the dancing, click here to watch our first dancing video.

Yes, I’m getting Christmas back.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, I am serious. I’m really hoping some of you will go do something similar that day as well, or find some other way to spread awesomeness. If you do, please write to me and tell me about it.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m definitely not doing this to toot my horn (if anything, I feel silly for offering such a small amount). I’ve always been a believer in secret service whenever possible. I’m just excited because I’ve spotted the missing puzzle piece for me this year, and let’s be honest. If I write that I’m going to do it, I won’t find a reason not to.

I’d love to hear your comments, even if anonymously. What is something special you like to do for others during the holidays (no matter which holiday you celebrate)? What makes you the most happy during this time of year (there are no wrong answers)? What was the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for you at Christmastime?