We’ve tried rescuing two dogs from the Humane Society, and neither one of them worked out. The first, which looked like a cross between a pig and a hyena, loved biting kids. After he tackled my nephew and attempted to take a chunk out of his back, we decided to take him back. Too bad, because we liked him a lot.

The second dog (a black lab named Lucky) had a long rap sheet of bad behavior and abuse when we chose him. He seemed like a fixable dog, so we took a chance on him. Long story short, he has a new owner now.

After two failed rescue attempts, I gave up on dogs. At least for the time being.

But two things changed my mind. First, I realized how lonely being single can be, and when Noah’s not here it’s awfully quiet and lifeless around here. Second, Noah has been asking me almost every day when we’ll be getting a new dog. He loves dogs, and I think he feels the emptiness of this house now too.

So, on a day that I didn’t have Noah, I searched through the classifieds and found a little 8-month old Miniature Schnauzer. I drove out, fell in love with the little guy, and brought him home. Third time is the charm, right?

The poor thing had never had a haircut in its life. His hair was matted down like nobody’s business, and to be honest, he didn’t look much like a Schnauzer at all. He looked more like a little Cairn Terrier or something.

So, I went to town with the hair clippers. It was no easy task. In fact, it took me two and a half hours because of how badly his coat was matted. I found all sorts of things in it, including a few pieces of chewing gum.

But, after the last bit was trimmed, and after I’d nicked his ears a few times, and after my own sweat, blood, and tears covered the floor. He looked pretty dang good.

The next day, I gift wrapped a file box, and got everything ready for when Noah arrived. I tried putting the dog inside to see how well he’d stay, but he kept pushing the lid off and attempting to climb out. It was really cute, actually.

When Noah got there, I told him I had a special present just for him. “Is it for Christmas?” he asked. I told him it was just a present because I loved him. I asked him what he thought it was. He screeched, “a dog!” Smart little guy.

I made him wait behind the corner while I put the lid back on the box, and then I called him in and let him loose. He cracked open the lid, hoping for his dog.

Needless to say… he was thrilled.

And the two have been inseparable ever since.

It’s nice to have another boy around the house. Noah and I decided to name him B.B. Short for Big Bear. Speaking of which, I better go let him out before he piddles on the carpet. Turns out he wasn’t as house trained as they let on.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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