Okay, I confess, I ran across a folder on my computer called “Pictures to Sort” and got sucked in. There were thousands of them, most of which I’ve never done anything with. Long story short, I didn’t get a post written for today, so instead I’ll share a few of those photos. Enjoy a day of complete randomness and total cheesiness! Click any photo to see it bigger.

One of my biggest pet peeves… no pictures while eating. It’s never flattering!
Noah and me camping. It’s definitely the rough life. Sleeping in a heated trailer with a television and a microwave.
Daddy giving Noah his first haircut. Errr… his first haircut from Daddy. He was a little concerned to say the least.

Apparently I’ll do anything for a good shot. Here’s me sitting on twenty thousand tons of bird crap.
I have no recollection of the events in question.
If there was a GQ for kids…
There’s this guy named John Wayne who’s a bit of a pussy cat compared to this cowboy.
So, on one of my trips to China, I decided to see if communists were all that bad. I found that the people over in China were actually wonderful people.
Unless you’re a dog. They’re not very nice to dogs (right side of the meat case).
But, look at all these cool thingies I got for Noah. All for less than $0.25. Guaranteed filled with dead insects or lead for no additional charge!
Here’s proof that I wasn’t always a Scrooge.
Ummm… not sure what’s going on here.
I wonder if Noah realized that Pluto couldn’t see him at all. From the looks of it, he couldn’t see anything under his giant schnoz.
Yes, that is me. Pier fishing. With a Barbie fishing pole.
Noah always was so tender with the baby gorillas.
I swear he was running and smacked his head into a filing cabinet. Please don’t call CPS.
When Noah was this age, he always put out his big pouty lip right before he cried. I kind of miss it.
All right ladies, here’s your chance to see me shirtless.
Yes. I was a volunteer in Scouts once upon a time. Damn, I’m sexy.
I can’t think of anything clever for this one.
Ummmm, pet peeve #2. No cameras while I’m getting a pedicure. Please.
Another shirtless pic for you ladies.
And… did you know I was the master of hula hoops? Neither did I until this day when my hips just took over. It was spectacular.
If you made it this far. I apologize. You just lost a few minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. At least Noah was cute, right?
Have a great Saturday.
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
PS, come back tomorrow for This is Beautiful You! Now those are pictures that’ll make you smile.