Today I’m going to teach you two really cool methods of making art. This is art that I invented, purely serendipitously while doing nothing more than living the bachelor life. I call it “Bachelor Art.”

The art in this second post takes about an hour to create when all is said and done. Fifty-nine minutes and 30 seconds of that time is spent doing absolutely nothing but waiting. Total cost of materials is about $12.00.

First, what do you see when you look at this photograph? I took this photo in my backyard earlier today.

I call today’s art “Ice Sculptures.” But look closer? Are they ice sculptures? Or are they something else?

Follow these simple directions, and you too will be able to enjoy fine art like this.

First, go buy a pack of Snapware canisters.

Next, assume that they’re dishwasher safe. Isn’t everything dishwasher safe in this day and age? This also means you have to ignore the fancy “hand-wash only” molded across the bottom.

Enhanced for readability. Believe me, it wasn’t this easy to see.

Next, throw them into the bottom rack of the dishwasher and start a normal washing cycle. When the cycle is finished, pull out your Snapware canisters.

Voila! You have your super duper, nifty difty, fancy schmancy ice sculptures, ready to go. Use them at parties, as yard ornaments, or whatever you like. They’re ice sculptures that never melt!

Don’t ask me how it works. Don’s ask me why when you pull it out of the dishwasher they’ve all twisted and disfigured themselves. They just do. And it’s beautiful.
[sigh] Yep. Just one of the many perks of being a bachelor and hardly ever washing dishes.
And while using them as ice sculptures was cool, in the end I decided I wanted them displayed much more prominently, so I turned them into M&Ms holders.
If you enjoyed this edition of Bachelor Art, I posted another Bachelor Art post today that will twist your knickers up. I call it “Reaching Out” Click here to check it out.
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing
PS. I’d love to hear your comments. What do you think of my art? Do you ever find accidental mishaps to be beautiful?
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