If you were following my blog in December, you know that I got hit with a case of the “single for the first time in a decade” blues. I was having such a hard time feeling any sort of holiday spirit. I was in the dumps, and though I tried to keep a stiff upper lip, the weight of everything seemed to hit me at once.

Long story short, I realized that the only way I could pull my head out of my butt was to get some perspective and focus on others. So, Christmas afternoon some friends and I headed down to the homeless district in downtown Salt Lake City for a day of dancing. We somewhat cautiously and hesitantly climbed out of my truck and started talking to whatever homeless people we could find.

I didn’t know what to expect, really. I didn’t know if dancing (especially on Christmas) was something any of them would want to do, especially with a camera in their face. But, that hesitancy quickly melted away. Not only did people start dancing, others came to join them. In fact, there was almost nobody we talked to who wasn’t willing to dance with us.

After they each danced, we asked them what they were thankful for. I couldn’t believe that every single one of them was able to immediately recite an entire list. Here I was, feeling down in the dumps, even though I was surrounded with all the luxuries of life, good friends, good family, and everything I ever needed, while these people with almost nothing had no problem declaring their gratitude for so much.

They were good people, truly thankful for the breath in their lungs and the shoes on their feet. All I have to say is, a couple hours talking to them, hearing their stories, and dancing with them took away any blues I had been feeling. It put life into perspective again. And, it made us all really happy.

I made this video of it, enjoy. Bookmark it and any time you’re feeling like life is too tough, watch it and remember that no matter how hard life gets, you can always dance.

If you missed our first dancing video, you can watch it here.

And… NO MORE EXCUSES! Come dance with us! Take a 5-20 second video of yourself dancing (no matter how silly you think you look!) and send it to me via email to [email protected] If the file is too big, use a free service like transferbigfiles.com and send it to me that way. I know you all have a camcorder on your digital camera or even your cell phone!

Life’s too awesome to not make other people happy with your dancing. Remember, at Single Dad Laughing there is no such thing as bad dancers.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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