Wow. Today is Single Dad Laughing’s half-birthday. We have officially been going at this thing for six months and 220 posts now!

As I look back at SDL since it began, I can’t help but take a deep breath and try not to smile too big. It’s been incredible. It’s been emotional. And I feel super duper lucky (and blessed) to have all of you here.

A lot of awesome things have taken place. A lot of strong and beautiful changes have happened in the lives of individuals, families, and even communities. We’ve shared a lot of laughs, and a lot of other emotions too.

Of course, I have to laugh about some things. In the past six months I have somehow managed to really anger some people… from animal rights activists to environmentalists to feminists; my big mouth has incurred the wrath of some very, ummm, passionate individuals.

Last year, there was a point when it all got to me, sure. But 2011 somehow brought to me an air of confidence in what Single Dad Laughing is all about. It’s about laughing. It’s about the discussion of deep and hardly touched topics. It’s about thinking and debating. It’s about hanging out with top-notch people like all of you. It’s about enjoying ourselves.

And, it’s about my son and me.

With the changing of the calendar, I realized that it really doesn’t matter if extremists have a problem with how I live my life and what I write about. This isn’t their platform, this is my platform. I’m not here to show the world what a perfect person is, I’m here to show the world what an imperfect person is. I’m also here to show the world that being “imperfect” is okay.

I just hope that I can bring you a lot of smiles and do some serious good while I’m at it.

So, today I’d like to get off the stage and open up the floor to all of you for a moment.

What would you like to see more of during the next six months here at Single Dad Laughing?

And, during the last six months, what made you the happiest when you came here? What made you think the most? What made you smile the most? What left you wanting more?

Six months. On one hand it’s really flown by. On the other, it feels like I’ve been writing this blog for years. It’s kind of hard to believe we’re all fairly new here. It’s hard to believe I can like a group of people as much as I like you.

To be honest, I’m kind of in love with all y’alls. You’ve really made the last six months great. So, thank you. Sincerely. I’d kiss you all on the lips right now if I could! Okay, if you’re a follower you know that I’m an OCD germaphobe and that I probably wouldn’t. But I’d definitely give you a hug!

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. If you thought everything that happened here during the last six months was awesome… Buckle up, because we’re not slowing down.