Let me tell you right now, putting together a 54-piece puzzle is no easy task for a three-year-old. It generally takes the two of us 45 minutes or more.

For Christmas, I gave Noah this amazing pack of wooden puzzles since puzzles are our “thing to do” together right now. After doing the same jigsaw puzzle for several weeks, he started begging for more, and let’s be honest… Dad needed a change in scenery as well.

It’s amazing how good he’s getting at these things. When we first started doing them about six weeks ago, he had a really hard time comprehending most aspects of puzzle building.

At first he couldn’t grasp the concept of turning a puzzle piece 90 or 180 degrees to make it fit. He also couldn’t understand that each piece was part of a bigger picture, and that each connection had a purpose. But, with each puzzle we put together, he’s slowly started putting all the pieces together (pun intended).

He still struggles sorting out the “straight edge” pieces, but on this last go-around he seemed to be picking up on the idea.

I think the biggest reason I like doing puzzles with him so much is that it’s really fun to see his hand-eye coordination build, as well as his ability to understand the overall complexity of such a concept. It’s fun to watch him learn that instead of getting frustrated, he has the ability to try another piece and make it work.

Plus, puzzles were my thing when I was a kid, and by doing them with Noah, I’m realizing they still are.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

What is your current favorite thing to do with your children?

PS, I videoed an entire puzzle building with Noah for my own keepsake. I thought about playing it for you here, but then I thought that watching an hour long video might get a little boring, so, I condensed it into 75 seconds, just for fun, just for you. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you want to get some of these specific puzzles for yourself, it took me a while to find them online, but they’re made by Learning Journey, and they are incredible. They’re thick wood, and four of them come in a real nice box with a slide-close top. Here’s the link on Amazon if you want to check them out.

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