Last week I shared some of Noah’s more memorable quotes. While putting it together, I had asked his mom if she had any good ones, and she sent me so many fun little memoirs and quotes from the past couple years that I thought it would make a great second post. These are not in any sort of chronological order. Enjoy!

  • Last night when we put Noah in bed, he kept getting up and when we shut his door, he pounded on it and yelled over and over “CHAPPY POO!!! CHAPPY POOP!!! CHAPPY… I NEED HELP!!!” He also heard us laughing and said “It’s not funny!!!” (Chappy/Jeff is Noah’s step-dad)
  • The day after Halloween, Noah and I were driving to see Chappy. A box of Noah’s Halloween candy was in the cup holder by me up front. I ate a piece and noah said “Mommy… what you doing?” Uh oh.. I had been caught. “Um… eating candy”… Then Noah asked for some and I told him no b/c it was too messy in the car and I would give him some when we stopped. He said, “Um… actually… that’s my candy.” A little later, Jeff reached for some sunflower seeds and put them in his mouth and Noah said “Chappy…what’s in your mouth?” He then made Jeff show him to make sure it wasn’t his candy…
  • On Halloween after each house, Noah said “I got BUNCHES of candy!!!” At each door he would knock and then go to the side glass windows and peak in until someone came.
  • This morning when we were lying in bed, Noah had both hands behind his head and was just staring at the ceiling in a morning daze. I asked him “What are you thinking about Noah?” He said “Mommy…” and I said “What about?” and he said “Jesus… I looove Jesus!”
  • Today at lunch Noah was throwing a tantrum and grabbed his bib and started swinging it around violently (for a two year old.) I took it from him and tossed it across the table out of his reach. He immediately started crying and said, “don’t take my bib! I need it… now I have to get another one at Costco!!!”
  • When I was picking out a shirt today I pulled out a nice pink shirt and Noah was standing there and said “Oh… that’s kinda beautiful!”
  • This morning I was fixing my make-up with a Q-tip and Noah said “Mommy what is that?” And I said “A Q-tip” and he said in a silly/confused/two year old voice with a little laugh… “No it’s not… it’s a ‘ear get in there'” … then I was curling my hair and he asked, “is that a curly hair?” … talking about the curling iron.
  • I was singing “Dashing through the snow” last week and Noah said “HEY! That’s MY song!!! I got it at Daddy’s house!” and wanted me to stop singing it.
  • When Noah was eating lunch today we were having bow tie pasta. He was trying to get a noodle on his fork and it kept slipping off. He said (in a playful voice) “Get on my fork! I’m trying to eat you!!!”
  • Every time Noah eats he tells me to say “Don’t you eat that!” He says “Mommy.. you have to say “don’t you eat that…don’t you eat that Noah!” … That is something Dan has been saying to him since he started eating to try and trick him into eating… he gets a big kick out of it.
  • Before Dan came to pick Noah up tonight, Noah, Chappy and I were all in the kitchen and Noah pulled Jeff and I together and said “group hug!” as he often does. Then we started doing Ring around the Rosies while his arms were around Jeff and I. Then Jeff started walking backwards and Noah said “We’re like a train! Chugga chugga choo choo”. Later, when Dan came to pick Noah up, He got into Dan’s arms and then I went to give him a kiss good-bye. He said “Group Hug!” And pulled us all together.
  • When we were at Toby’s house last weekend, Noah had been having a rough couple of days listening to Mommy and Chappy. He had his ears closed off to everything we asked him to do and it was getting a little stressful. At Toby’s he was playing a game with his cousins and he kept putting the pieces in his mouth. After several times telling him to stop, he wouldn’t listen so I grabbed him and put him on my lap. I was saying in his ear quietly but sternly, “Noah… you HAVE to listen to mommy when I ask you to do something” In the middle of my sentence, Noah leaned forward and then slammed his head back into my chest and turned to me me and said “How do you like that!?!?!!”
  • Jeff was on a lemonade only cleanse/diet. Noah had figured out that Jeff couldn’t eat and we were eating pancakes. He said “Chappy doesn’t get any!” In the ‘nanny nanny boo boo’ tone. I said “Noah, that’s not very nice… when you say things like that you will hurt people’s feelings… do you want to hurt people’s feelings?” He immediately said “YES” and ran in the living room and said “Chappy…you don’t get any pancakes!!!”
  • When Dan dropped Noah off today, he jumped into my arms with a big smile on his face and said “Mommy, I need my bum changed! I peed myself!”
  • Noah was using his new little shovel in the snow for the first time yesterday and we were flinging it at Grandpa Jeff and Chappy. Grandpa picked up a snowball and threw it at me and Noah gave him a disappointed look and then sweetly said to me, “I’ll wipe you off” and wiped the snow off my coat.
  • Dad and Jeff were scraping frost off the car window the other night with their credit/debit cards. When they got back in the car, Noah said “Chappy!!! Why were you scraping the snow with your Money thing?”
  • Yesterday Noah came to my work to visit with Jeff and Chantell. Every time he comes in, he goes straight to the gum ball machine and asks for a quarter. He came running over to me and said “MOM MOM…do you have a quarter?!?” I said “Do YOU have a hug for me???” He then gave me a hug and said “I only have one more hug left” I said “Oh no! What am I going to do when you can’t hug me anymore?!? That will be so sad!” He felt kind of bad and quickly said “I have more kisses!”
  • “My bum is going CRAZY!”
  • When I was getting ready for church yesterday Noah was in my bathroom with me, playing with a little handheld mirror I had. He was putting a rubber band around the handle and doing something… I wasn’t really paying attention. He then put the mirror on the counter and I looked down and saw that it was broken… he said in a very soft/timid voice… “Mom… if you drop a mirror does it break?” He looked at the mirror and back at me and said “I broke it…”
  • Noah came into our room early this morning and was really warm and had a fever. I was telling Jeff “He came in at 4 am and was on fire!” Noah looked at me and said in a panicked voice “I WAS NOT ON FIRE!”
  • Noah learned about Indians at preschool last week. I was rubbing vaseline on his dry cheeks last night and he said that it was war paint and he was an Indian. I told him I was a part-Indian and he asked if I had war paint.
  • Noah went through a phase where he was saying “Yippidee doo” about everything that he was excited about. Yesterday I asked him why he had stopped saying Yippidee doo and he said “I used all of my Yippidee doos” I said “Oh yeah? What did you use them on?” he said “I used them on FACEBOOK!”
  • We were watching a movie and it had two chipmunks on it (real ones). I said “Noah…it’s Chip n’ Dale” and he said “Mommy..I think that one is Dale and that one is Chippen!”
  • This morning I was bent down doing Noah’s hair and he said, “Mom you look cute! You should put a necklace on … then everyone will tell you you look cute!”
  • Last night Noah had a heck of a time going to bed. We argued and I raised my voice at him and he cried and screamed. This morning I said “I love you Noah” And he sweetly said “I love you mom.” I said, “Even though we were fighting last night?” And he said, “well.. I didn’t love you when we were fighting! But now I do!”
  • Noah calls his manhood his “pooter”… he just made that up as far as any of his parents can tell. Ha . Anyway, he was in the bathtub laying down so I could rinse his hair and he said “Mom… my legs are short! (I think he meant long) and my pooter is little… but it will grow bigger!”

This was a lot of fun for me to read as I was putting it together. That kid is something else.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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