A few months ago I was at an eating disorder clinic sitting through a demonstration and they mentioned something I’d never really thought of before. They claimed that every magazine and television ad you see or watch is designed with one common purpose in mind. To make you feel as fat and ugly as possible.

The more I’ve thought about it since then, the more true I believe that statement to be. So, I thought I’d bring you my own advertisement done Single Dad Laughing style.

The video ad below was filmed just moments after climbing out of bed on the day of filming. No showers, no clean clothes, no super chiseled body, no anything but real… honest… SDL. And hopefully some good laughs to go with it.

So, what do you think? Do you have a sudden unexplained urge to go buy Muffin Man’s Magic Weight-Loss Blueberry Muffin Mix? Or are you suddenly okay just being you for the moment? Come on… be honest. You want it. You want to be as sexy as the Muffin Man, and just as hairy.

Oh, and ladies, you’re welcome for finally taking my shirt off for you. Men, you’re welcome for making you look that much better.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Do you disagree or agree with the claim? Do you feel better about yourself when seeing advertisements for beauty or weight-loss products and companies, or do you feel worse?

To watch the movie in HD, go to the YouTube video page. If you liked it, please share this, and pretty please thumbs up it on YouTube!

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