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Just as a warning, today’s post talks about dog nasty. I won’t be offended at all if you skip it and come back tomorrow!

So, on Monday night, B.B. unexpectedly threw up. It looked like poop, so I just rolled my eyes wondering when exactly he had eaten poop (since I’m with him every time he’s outside). He didn’t have his usual evening appetite after that, but I didn’t think that much of it. After all, if I had just eaten and then vomited back out feces, I probably wouldn’t be hungry either.

Tuesday morning, he woke up and wolfed down a giant breakfast, so I assumed all was well. About half an hour later, he was laying on his bed next to me, both of us doing our own thing. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted as he started making that horrible sound dogs make when they’re about to puke. He spewed his entire breakfast all over his bed and the carpet.

I yanked him away from it before he could eat it, and again didn’t think much of it. After all, I’ve seen many a canine throw up after eating way too much. I cleaned it up, got him a new blanket to lie on, and went back to work.

Long story short, I got no work done that day. He began throwing up violently and repeatedly. After doing that about seven times, he looked at me with complete shame and desperation. I said, “it’s okay buddy, we’ll take you to see the doggy doctor.” Before I could even finish my sentence, his eyes got big and diarrhea literally started shooting out the other end.

I finally got hold of the vet, but he was in surgery for the next two hours. After a while, it was obvious B.B. only felt comfortable in one place, his litter box, though he wouldn’t sit down. He just stood inside of it looking at me like he was going to explode again at any moment.

I can’t say I blame him. When I have some nasty stomach bug, I like to keep within arm’s reach of the John.

We finally got him into the vet, poop sample in tow. They ran some tests on his stools and found giardia, along with some other stomach bacteria, both wreaking havoc inside our little pooch. They gave us a super-shampoo, instructions to sanitize our entire house, and a bunch of different doggy pills.

He still couldn’t eat or drink the rest of the night. I let B.B. sleep in my room, and by morning he was a bouncing, happy, hungry dog again!

I just looked at him and said, I’m taking that $140.00 out of your allowance.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

Anybody else have a sick pet story they’d care to share?

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