You say tomayto, I say tomotto. Okay, I know that you’d spell them both the same and correctly, but how do you spell “tomato tomato” and have people think tomayto tomatto?

Anyway… that has nothing to do with today’s post.

Today I really wanted to pose a deep and extremely random question. Does a tomato to you taste the same as a tomato to me?

Sometimes I wish I could trade mouths with someone for a day, just so that I could see what foods tasted like to them.

Take chocolate, for example. I love it. In fact, I’m addicted to it. But my dad, he hates the stuff. He can’t stand it. You make a chocolate cake and he pushes his plate away. You make chocolate chip cookies and he quickly loses his appetite. Obviously, he is not tasting the same thing I’m tasting when the sweet final state of the cocoa bean passes his lips.

He says chocolate tastes like crap. Well, maybe he’s right. And maybe if he ate a piece of dog crap he’d finally get to experience what I experience when I let a fine piece of English chocolate melt on my tongue.

Or maybe it tastes exactly the same, and the only difference is whether or not the brain likes what it senses.

All I know is, I’m happy to delve into a shrimp platter while most of my siblings stand around saying how awful the things are. What are they tasting that I’m not tasting?

Of course, it goes both ways. Some people like canned mushrooms. When I put one in my mouth I quickly find myself wanting to cleanse my tongue with the better tasting goo found between one’s toes. Same goes with beets, coffee, and Thai food for me.

Which brings me to a similar question. Do people see colors the same? When I see orange, do yo actually see pink? When you see green, is it the same thing I see when I see blue? Wouldn’t it be interesting to look through the eyes of someone else for a couple hours? For all I know, when I see this:

You see this… And that’s normal for you.

Okay, as you were. Enough randomness for one day.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing