If I had to choose what I thought was the single most powerful word in the English language, I think it would be the word “impossible”.

It’s a word that has the power to stop individuals in their tracks or entire armies in their pursuits. It’s a word that has stopped some of the greatest dreams from coming true, and also some of the most damaging ones. The word “impossible” has been used in every arena of life, and few there are that aren’t constantly sucked into it’s overpowering charisma.

It has stopped countless athletes, scientists, scholars, engineers, and inventors from accomplishing spectacular things. Students, public servants, and those with voices have failed to progress or to achieve what could have been. It has halted emergency crews from continuing treatments and rescue workers from continuing their missions.

There is literally no person on earth who hasn’t been seriously effected by the word “impossible”, for better, or worse. And there isn’t a person on earth who, at some point, has let the word stop them.

Yet, every so often… somebody chooses not to hear it. Every so often, unexplainable things happen which leave people and professionals shaking their heads in bafflement. Every so often the word is passed around, and somebody decides that they are going to make possible whatever they were just told is impossible. And magically, the universe, or God, lines things up that shouldn’t have ever been “possible” at all.

Then, and only then do we witness the impossible happen.

Here are 100 examples that prove it, all sent to me by everyday people via email, on Facebook, and in response to this post. By the end, perhaps you will realize (as I did) that there really is no such thing as impossible. Perhaps being on the small side of the numbers will have a new meaning for you. Perhaps you will look at something, anything, that you’ve written off as impossible and redefine your definition of it completely.