1. I was born in the only place in the entire world where they had the technology to keep me alive.
  2. My Uncle’s wife was given months to live after being diagnosed with cancer. She lived 19 years afterwards.
  3. My youngest survived being born with a tumor the same size she was.
  4. My daughter has severe ADHD, and yet, despite that she has managed to get straight A’s and perform above standards.
  5. My son survived his life-threatening epilepsy. He said “Mama…I’m going to fight this.” And he did.
  6. My cousin’s son was declared cancer-free just weeks after scans showed numerous tumors in his body.
  7. My son lived even after the doctor looked me in the eye and said he was going to die.
  8. My team won the state football championship, even though we were told to just have fun and not worry about winning because we were that bad.
  9. My husband broke his neck and was told he’d never use his arms and legs again. That was three years ago. He’s now perfectly fine except for a slight limp.
  10. A boy I went to elementary school with had a VERY aggressive form of leukemia and one day, after a lot of prayer by his family and friends, the doctor reported that he could find no cancer and he couldn’t explain it.
  11. I saw a man taken off of life support after a heart attack, actually survive and wake up with very minimal neurological deficits.
  12. I sat in the middle of a war zone as my dinner companions prayed that the snipers firing on us could find peace and hope.
  13. My uncle was pronounced brain dead due to meningitis and woke up two days later with just a headache.
  14. I survived an accident, no seatbelts, with only bumps and bruises while the truck ended wrapped around a street pole.
  15. I’ve had three children after being told I would never have children on my own.
  16. My mother – who had never acknowledged being wrong in her life – apologized to me.
  17. My husband dropped my 2 year old son out of a 2nd story window to escape a fire and there were no injuries from the fall.
  18. I survived a car accident against an 18-wheeler at 90 mph wearing no seat belt.
  19. I was 8 months pregnant in a car accident, no heartbeat or movement from baby for four hours. Then suddenly there was, and he was born totally fine.
  20. I survived a house fire just because I was sick and sleeping with my mom. My bedroom was the first to go.
  21. We stopped in a blizzard to help someone in the ditch. As another man was waiting to cross the road to help, a passing semi rolled and went right over him. He walked away, with some scrapes and broken bones.
  22. My twin and I were born 3.5 months early. I weighed 2 lbs 4 oz and we weren’t supposed to live. We’re almost 30.
  23. My best friend was pronounced brain dead. She now has a college degree and a beautiful child.
  24. My friend at 16 had a son and placed him for adoption. I met the son accidentally, 3 decades, 3 states later.
  25. Yesterday I watached a child with cerebral palsy, abandoned at birth and given little hope, walk to me, her mommy!
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