• Two years ago, my 20 year marriage was in ruins, my husband was verbally abusive, drinking secretly again and addicted to porn, my teenage sons were miserable and suicidal, and I was on antidepressants. Today, our marriage is healed and wonderful, my husband has overcome his addictions, my sons are happy and their relationship with their dad is healing more everyday.
  • Met a man at an addiction recovery center who, at one of his recent appointments with his HIV specialist, was declared AIDS free after 20 years, leaving his doctor speechless.
  • I was pregnant with twins and had what we all thought was a complete miscarriage. At my final ultrasound we found I still had one living baby. 7 months later my son was born!
  • I have a husband who has stayed by my side for 16 years while I struggle with mental illness.
  • I shouldn’t have enough money to buy diapers or household needs after daycare is paid for… Somehow I always do.
  • Today is the second anniversary of my husband ridding his life of alcohol.
  • In 1944, the blood of strangers saved my grandfather; on Valentine’s Day last year, it saved me.
  • Through the love and selflessness of two incredible woman, i am a mother to two beautiful, perfect little girls!
  • I went in for surgery to remove some tumors, when they opened me up, the tumors were gone.
  • I was given a month to live. It’s now been over a year and I am cancer free.
  • A family was saved when the father put them in the car and outran the tornado which obliterated their home seconds later.
  • Doctor to me when I was 24 weeks pregnant: Your son has severe birth defects and if he survives birth, will likely live only a few days or hours. You should “terminate this pregnancy.” Today: Son has IQ of 138 and is doing schoolwork two grades ahead of his chronological peers.
  • I was able to forgive.
  • Mistook a stranger for someone who’d earned my ire and yelled at him in a cafe. Now he’s my husband.
  • I am no longer an addict. I did it for myself without the help of a group or support.
  • I have overcome epilepsy and chronic sleep apnea.
  • The “always-open” door to the roof of the office building was locked the day I went up there to throw myself off.
  • I am alive and happy for the first time ever. Turns out depression is not a death sentence.
  • I saw my dad make a penny come out of my ear. He was a magician and always did the impossible.
  • I saw my mother rise up, after years of verbal and physical abuse and say, “Not one more day.”
  • Lost a phone on the ski slopes in Utah, and 10 days later it appeared in our mailbox in California. (no envelope, just the phone sitting in our mailbox).
  • I lost my glasses in the ocean. An hour later I came back to the beach and my glasses rolled in on the next wave and landed at my feet.
  • I came in the door with an $800 car repair bill and found my husband opening an $800 tax rebate check.
  • My mother in law was told she could never have children. Today she is the proud mother of 14 kids.
  • My grandmother and uncle survived the Holocaust by hiding in the forest for years, all so that I could have a good life here.
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