• A few of us were driving to New York. We hit a patch of ice and began spinning out of control toward a river. Out of nowhere, we immediately came to a halt… about 20 feet from the bank.
  • A severely depressed sociophobic who used to hide for hours in her closet found success and happiness in direct sales.
  • The NICU staff took a newborn premature baby with a 100% tear in his lung, his heart on the wrong side of his chest and his chest cavity filled with air, and turned him into a healthy baby in less than three weeks. He’s a year old and a holy terror now!
  • My son and I beat the system by winning a court battle against DSS to allow me to adopt him.
  • My miracle healthy baby boy was born at 36 weeks after my water broke at 15 weeks.
  • I recovered from my addictions, and one day at a time, 10 years later, I am still free.
  • Family friends were scheduled to tour the Twin Towers on 9/11… Their alarm didn’t go off and they overslept.
  • I was run-over by a car at 15 months old and walked away with scratches and bruises.
  • Severe antenal (pregnancy) depression left me considering suicide for the first time in my life on Christmas Day. Although he had no way of knowing, my brother cancelled his plans and came back to our supposed empty house to be with me. “I felt like you needed me,” was all he would say. I wasn’t supposed to be home that day.
  • Five weeks after his father died, my son was in a head-on collision in which he should not have lived. He walked away with only a scratch.
  • My son was born with holes in his lungs and they healed all by themselves after only a week in NeoNatal.
  • My grandmother in her younger days lifted a car off a child becasue she thought it was her own child. The child lived.
  • Two weeks ago, no heartbeat on ultrasound. I refused recommended termination. Two days ago, another ultrasound, baby’s heart beating strongly.
  • Someone I love fell forty feet while rock climbing after his equipment broke. Injuries? Six stiches.
  • All the testing said my son would be born down syndrome, but he was born at term, healthy as a horse.
  • I escaped an abusive marriage, then put myself through school, and now own my home and support my family joyfully!
  • They said I’d never walk again. They said the damage was so great they’d need to amputate. I run now.
  • 18 years after being raped, I’m finally able to genuinely enjoy sex.
  • My friend was sitting on her couch two years ago talking on the phone when a tornado ripped her house out from around her all the way down to the foundation. The only thing not touched was the couch.
  • I watched a friend live her life and laugh again after her 15 year old daughter died from cancer.
  • A huge Spruce tree fell in the only five foot wide space between the house and the greenhouse, missing everything.
  • My mom had her uterus removed for no medical reason after I was born; they discovered early stage tumors on it.
  • I was shot through the head where the upper and lower jaw bones connect with absolutely no serious injuries.
  • I was T-boned by another driver. Professional rescue workers were in the two cars directly behind me.
  • My two year old nephew survived injury-free after he put a car into gear, flew down a sloping driveway, through the rail and flipped. The car landed upside down in the backyard.
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