The other night I was at Barnes & Noble with Tweni doing some research for my book. We passed by the biography section and I saw (very prominently displayed) the autobiography for a young man I’d never before heard of. His name was Justin Bieber.

I grabbed the book and started laughing. “Who the heck is Justin Bieber,” I asked, “and why would I want to read his autobiography?”

Tweni looked at me with eyes squinted. “Shut up. I know you’re kidding.”

Problem was… I wasn’t. I had honestly never heard of Justin Bieber.

It took several minutes of foot-down negotiation for her to finally believe me and tell me who he was. I was a little shocked to hear that he was the most famous teen dream boat in the world right now. “So, he’s kinda like Billy Ray’s kid then?” I asked.

“Something like that.”

Well, whatever that moment was, it was no less than Pandora’s Box for me. Ever since I bothered to find out who he was, I have not been able to not see him all over the place.