Here’s something I quite honestly can’t wrap my brain around.

There is this girl on Facebook. She keeps popping up all over the place, and Facebook keeps recommending that I add her as a friend. Get this… we have 91 mutual friends. Yeah, you heard me right. NINETY-ONE.

Problem is, I have no idea who the heck she is.

She’s never added me as a friend, and I’ve never added her as a friend. Apparently we know all the same people, yet neither one of us know each other.

She’s friends with several of my friends from high school.

She’s friends with some of my college friends (which was four hours away).

She’s friends with some of my family members.

She’s friends with some of my old work colleagues.

And yet… we have yet to cross paths.

Maybe she just adds everybody, would be my first thought, and in fact it was. But she only has 459 friends, so that can’t be it. Maybe you have met her and don’t remember. Nope, I’ve gone through her profile photos. I’m telling you, I’ve never laid eyes on her in real life.


Further research showed that she was in my graduating class. I pulled out my yearbook and looked her up. There she was, surrounded by faces I remember as clear as yesterday. And… no bells ringing.

Maybe she was somebody who broke my heart so badly I mentally deleted her from my brain? I have no idea. It just doesn’t seem possible that we could be so similarly networked and not know each other, at least somewhat.

All I have to say is, if I pop up on her Facebook wall as often as she pops up on mine, she’s gotta be scratching her head just as often as I am.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. What is your theory on it? Any of you have similar experiences?