I was just at my sister’s house for her birthday party, and we played a party game that I’d played once before but had totally forgotten about. I have no idea what it’s called or if it even has a name, so I’m just going to call it Celebrilicious. Even if it does have a name, Celebrilicious is just sexy and I guarantee it’s better than anything else it’s ever been called.

Anyways, next time you’re throwing a party, or just having a get-together, play this game, damn it. (Please note the use of the term damn it, to imply how serious I am.) You’ll be laughing so hard your faces will fall off.


1. Each person writes the name of a well known Celebrity, public figure, famous person, whatever, on 3-6 different slips of paper (the more people there are, the less slips of paper you use). Just make sure the names are people that almost everybody will know. Fold them all in half and put them in a bowl (or a hat if you’re feeling super out-of-the-box crazy).

2. Split into two teams and each of you separate to your respective side of the room.

3. Set a timer for one minute. Choose a team to go first (no fighting please, surely you can find a diplomatic way to handle this). One person from that team spends his one minute helping his teammates guess the names on the paper. In this round, the only rule is that you can’t say the famous person’s name. Once the minute is up, the bowl (or hat if you opted to go super crazy) is passed to the next team.

4. The next team then has one minute to do the same. The bowl is passed back and forth until there are no more slips of paper. Both teams count their total slips of paper and mark their total score down on a fresh, clean, beautiful, good smelling sheet of paper.

5. All of the celebrity names are then put back into the bowl, and the teams take turns again, doing the exact same thing, with the exact same names. Only on round two, whoever’s up front can only say ONE WORD to explain the celebrity.

6. After round two has ended, points have been counted, and the papers have been put back in the bowl, we move into… (this is crazy, I know…) round three!

7. Round three is done exactly the same as the other rounds, except that it turns into a twisted version of Charades. No talking, only acting out the names in the bowl. In other words, you better have paid attention during the other two rounds to know what celebrities are in the bowl.

And that’s it! Count up your total points between the three rounds. Winners get to stand on chairs and bark orders at the losers who have to do anything the winners demand, such as clean up the party mess, go for an Near Beer run, or dance “the worm”.

Optionally, the losing team can opt to give back rubs to the winners instead. Just be careful that back rubs in the front room don’t lead to front rubs in the back room.

Did I really just say that? Maybe I shouldn’t be writing blog posts at 2 am. Maybe I shouldn’t drink so much Near Beer.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, have any of you ever played this? What’s your favorite party game?

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