No joke and no exaggerations, the following is the exact conversation that Noah and I just had on the way home from preschool. It had me bustin’ stitches.

Noah: Dad, I’m hungry.

Dad: What should we eat for lunch?

Noah: A hot dog.

Dad: A corn dog? (usually he means a corn dog when he says he wants a hot dog)

Noah: Dad, say what I say. HOT…

Dad: HOT…

Noah: DOG…

Dad: DOG… Hot. Dog. You want a hot dog?

Noah: Yeah.

Dad: Okay, we’ll have hot dogs.

Noah: Actually, I want to get some toast, cook some cheese on it, cook some ham on it. Then put mustard and ketchup on it.

Dad: We can do that. You know what else we need to do?

Noah: What?

Dad: We need to give the dog a bath.

Noah: Can I help you?

Dad: Sure. Why don’t we give the dog a bath and then have lunch.

Noah: Can I have a cookie too?

Dad: We don’t have any cookies. We could make some cookies.

Noah: Yeah, I want to make some cookies.

Dad: Okay, let’s make some cookies. First we’ll give B.B. a bath, and while the cookies cook, we’ll make your toast with cheese on it.

Noah: How about first we make cookies and then we give B.B. a bath, and then we have lunch?

Dad: That’s fine.