Well, it’s over and done with. My three year old son is officially on his way to five. He woke me up much earlier than usual this morning, which was unpleasantly surprising since his cousins slept over and he stayed up much later than usual last night. When I was eventually able to gain some amount of coherency, I told him Happy Birthday and reminded him that he was officially four today.

This is the face Noah gave me when I asked him to smile and show off his birthday cake for the camera.
He lifted his arms toward me and asked, “are my hands bigger?” I couldn’t help but laugh as I told him they were definitely much bigger today. He then asked, “am I a lot taller now?” I assured him he was, and he replied, “I like being four.”
Gosh… four years old. What happened to those first years of his life? Where did they go? It’s as if David Copperfield offered to show me a magic trick and when I agreed, he successfully made those years all but disappear. If I’m being honest, the speed at which those years passed is a sobering reminder that my time as Noah’s guardian is limited. I no longer can roll my eyes at every parent who has ever claimed that their own kids grew and were gone in the blink of an eye.
At the same time, I look at the events of those four years and I wonder how so much got crammed into such a small amount of time. As I look at all that has happened, those four years seem to stretch for decades.
Time certainly is a funny thing.
Anyway, on Sunday night we went to Nana and Bapa’s to celebrate Noah’s and my dad’s birthdays. I took a bundt cake that I had made along with some gifts for him to open. It was loads of fun, the food was excellent, and let’s be honest. It’s always nice to hang out with the fam.

Thought I’d share some photographs from the evening, and some cheesiness to go along with them. Enjoy!

Caitlyn (sister-in-law), Andy (brother), Lydia (sister)

Grandma & Grandpa, still nose-squashingly in love.

Mom mashing the strawberries for the best Strawberry Shortcake ever.

Emily (sister) boiling carrots. I think that pan is as old as I am.
Dad and Andy grilling the Ribeyes (in the middle of winter no doubt).
Creepy photo of the night goes to Luis, my brother in law.
I asked the boys to hug for the camera.
Noah took it a little too far and put his cousin into a chokehold.
When Joshy finally broke free, he had a message for Noah.

When meal time arrived, Noah offered a nice 20-minute blessing on the food.

After dinner, I showed off the cake I’d slaved so hard to make (thanks Betty Crocker).

Nana used her charm to keep Noah from blowing out the candles while they were being lit.
At this point Dad was grinning. Little did Noah know that those were trick candles.

He got a little embarrassed when so many people started singing him Happy Birthday.

Finally, he got to make a wish.

And blow out his candles.

But they were proving difficult to extinguish.

He kept at it, and finally blew those dang candles out.

We then lit some candles on a plate of strawberry shortcake for my dad to blow out.

One of his candles was also a trick candle. Haha. Sucker.

This is my brother in law in a much less creepy photograph. Oh wait… 

Noah really enjoyed the cake I made for him. 

Present-opening time!

Oh cool, a half Triceratops, half monster truck!

And who wouldn’t want a giant Spider Man coloring book?
Yep, pulling those presents out was not a laborless task.

When the party was over, when the cake had been eaten, when the kitchen cleaned, and the when all the gab had settled, I took Noah and his two cousins (Sammy & Josh) back to our house where we built a giant fort together. I heard plenty of giggles until two am when I finally challenged them to see who could close their eyes without falling asleep the longest.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, in case you missed it yesterday (Noah’s actual birthday), I declared it “International Act Like a 4-Year Old Day.”

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