I’ve continued jotting down some of the interesting things I’ve seen since writing the first “people watching” post. Just like I mentioned last time… Every day I am reminded of just how wonderful many strangers are around me. I am given examples that I am able to learn from and live up to. I’m also reminded just how far we have to go.

MADE ME HAPPY: I was in bed sick the morning after a big snow storm. I finally found the energy to get up and get ready to go shovel the driveway, something that can’t be skipped since I have renters that live in my basement. When I went outside, my driveway was already cleaned off and my walks were bare thanks to the awesomeness of the teenage boys who live across the street.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: Some different teenagers hocked a big, nasty loogie on my front window, high enough that I can’t reach it to clean it off.

MADE ME HAPPY: I received an email from a woman asking if there was anybody I could hook her up with who was in extra need for the holidays. She wanted to anonymously provide Christmas for them.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I received an email from a different woman telling me that I am a “horrible, shameless person who would be better off hanging myself” because I went and danced with the homeless on Christmas day.
MADE ME HAPPY: I was standing in line at Best Buy and watched a father gently press his cheek against the neck of his sleeping toddler.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I was making my way around the electronics section of Target when I overheard a parent threaten to kill her child.

MADE ME HAPPY: I had an old friend from church drop by out of the blue to see how I was doing.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I saw an old friend in the grocery store, and I pretended not to see him because I wasn’t in the mood to get into a “what’s going on in your life” conversation.
MADE ME HAPPY: My sister had a birthday and threw a kick-butt awesome party with kick-butt awesome food. We played games that were so much fun, we danced, and I made some new friends. It was a great night.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I have another sister in prison who I still haven’t gone to visit or even written a letter to. She’s been in for a couple months now.
MADE ME HAPPY: I watched an old man patiently and carefully help his wife from the car and across the parking lot.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I overheard a different old man call his wife a dirty “c-word” right to her face.

MADE ME HAPPY: A customer service person from Apple called me back when we got disconnected. She jumped through hoops to get me the answer to something even though it was a doozy of a problem that nobody on her team had seen before.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I received a call on my cell phone from a telemarketing company at 11:30 PM. It was a company that only a week before had called and I’d asked to be removed from their list.
MADE ME HAPPY: My best friends Mike and Meryn had Tweni and I over for dinner and games. They went out to eat with us another night. They came and watched a movie with us another night. And, we did something with them at least five other times since that last post. They’re some of the best folks I know.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: Mike insisted that dark chocolate M&Ms are better than the milk chocolate variety.
MADE ME HAPPY: I watched a young married couple snuggling while waiting to be seated at Chili’s. She played with his hair and he tickled her leg the entire time.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I watched as a woman said to her husband, “could you hurry the f— up?” I then listened to the husband reply, “don’t be such a f—— b—-.”
MADE ME HAPPY: I watched a daddy tickle and play with his child while waiting for their food at a restaurant.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I watched a daddy sit and play games on his phone while his child sat emotionless and bored.
MADE ME HAPPY: I overheard a young mother at Costco patiently explain the difference to her child between donuts and bagels.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I saw a mother “ask” her daughter “will you just shut the heck up?” when the child asked her if she could have a friend over to play later.”
MADE ME HAPPY: Tweni dropped by and made me a seriously rockin’ shrimp and rice dinner.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I made Noah a corn dog or easy mac for lunch every day for an entire week.
MADE ME HAPPY: I completed my goal of revamping my blog, getting ahead on my posts, and catching up on emails.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: I still felt like I could have been doing and should have been doing a lot more. I felt like everything I had to offer still wasn’t enough.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing Observing

PS. Using this same format (just for fun), what are some of the beautiful things you’ve seen lately, and what are some of the things that need a little improvement?

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