If you’re a long time reader of my blog, it’s not going to be new news to you that eating like a bachelor is one of my biggest weaknesses. If I remember to eat at all, it’s usually something cheap and quick like granola bars or crackers. I was doing good with the fresh smoothies for a while there, but when all of my ingredients ran out at the same time… well… yeah. I fell off that bandwagon too.

So, in an effort to be a better dad, I decided to set aside one night every couple weeks (it’s a start, right?) in which Noah and I go shopping together, choose something to invent for dinner (using real food), and then make it. My plan is to post some of those excursions here in a new segment that I’ll call “Bachelor Bites.” Just for fun.

The shopping trip was a tons o’ fun. Our local grocery store has these little kid-sized carts that Noah loves pushing around. (click on any image to enlarge.)

First we headed over to produce where Noah chose broccoli, tomatoes, kiwi, and avocados. He insisted on bagging and sealing everything himself.

Next, Noah wanted to head over to the deli counter where he chose roasted turkey and Muenster cheese.

After that it was chicken tenderloins…

Fresh cut salsa…

And some refried black beans…

That was right about the time we got busted by the manager who told us no more pictures. So, the rest were all hip shots while we made our getaway.

Once Noah had picked all of his ingredients, it was off to Nana’s house to see what we could invent from it all. The cooking part was much more fun than I’d like to admit. I had forgotten how much I enjoy cooking. It made it ten times better doing it with Noah. It was a great daddy-son date.

They were interesting ingredients, but Noah chose well because in the end, it was awesomely delish. We ended up with a dish we decided to call Turkey a la Chicken with Fresh Salsa. Our recipe is below for anyone so daring.

Dan & Noah’s Turkey a la Chicken with Salsa

Prep time (with a four year old): 25-30 minutes
Yummy Level: 4 out of 5.


Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast

Poultry Seasoning of your preference
Chicken Tenderloins
Fresh Salsa
Sliced Muenster Cheese


Pan fry the chicken tenderloins until done. Do not overcook (as tempted as you may be). Add a slice of Muenster cheese before chicken is finished and let melt onto the tenderloins. In a separate frying pan, and while the chicken is cooking, cook one piece of sliced roasted turkey (season it with your poultry seasoning) for every chicken tenderloin that is cooking. Once turkey slices are browned, quickly fold and place one piece on top of the melted Muenster cheese layer of each tenderloin (make it decorative!). Place the tenderloins onto each plate and top with a layer of fresh salsa (make sure it’s the fresh cut salsa from the produce section, not bottled or canned salsa). Slice avocados and fan across one end of the chicken. Salt and pepper the avocados and salsa. Serve hot.


Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing Cooking

PS, do you ever cook with your kids? What are the best parts and most challenging parts? I find cooking nice meals to be real pricy. Of course, we got enough ingredients to cook for ten.