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Sometimes life as a parent is all the entertainment I need. It seems that just about every day Noah does something or says something that has me busting a gut. Take, for example, the booger bug incident that recently took place during his nap time. I’d put it in my top five Noah moments.

Noah has never been one to fight against naps. Occasionally he tries to finagle his way out of it, but usually it’s as simple as having a race to see who can get to his bed first. Amazingly, he always wins.

Nothing to do with this post except that it’s a traumatized kid.

The day of the booger bug incident was no different. Noah raced and jumped in bed. I gave him a hug and I left his room, shutting the door behind me. Ten minutes of silence went by… a sure sign that he had fallen right to sleep. Then, suddenly, the sound that makes any parent’s heart pound. Screaming. Blood curdling screaming. The kind of screaming that says, something is seriously wrong.

I sprinted up the stairs three at a time and threw the door to his bedroom open. “What’s wrong?” I demanded, fully expecting to find blood or worse.

Noah was up on his top bunk, cowering against his footboard, staring at the other side of his bed. The screams continued.

“Noah, I need you to take a breath and tell me what’s wrong!” His eyes were huge. I’ve never seen him so full of terror. He screamed louder. Not knowing what was wrong, I carefully lifted him down. He latched onto me without ever taking his eyes away from whatever was terrorizing him. As I looked around, I couldn’t see anything wrong. I asked him again, again he couldn’t answer, paralyzed and panicked. He shot me a look that said, get me away from it, and I backed up, again repeating myself.

Once I’d taken a few steps back, Noah stopped crying. Distance was what he needed. “Now, tell me what was wrong.”

In between giant sniffs, he told me there was a bug on his bed. I took a step closer and he immediately tensed up. Whatever was there was scaring the hell out of him. Another step forward and he started crying. I stepped back again so that he could calm down. “Point to the bug,” I told him. He pointed to his bed post. Again, I saw nothing and I told him so. This led to a complete meltdown as he insisted that it was there and kept pointing to the same spot. “Can you see it right now?” He nodded his head frantically.

I set him down on his couch and told him to sit tight while Dad “got that mean ol’ bug.” I went and got a Kleenex and climbed the ladder of the bunk. And then I saw it. Sure enough, right where he was pointing was a little… tiny… itty… bitty… nearly microscopic… booger.

It took me five minutes to stop laughing. Noah was less than amused.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. Let’s hear your stories today as well as any other comments! Have your kids ever been traumatized by something like that?

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