Just for fun, today I thought I’d look at the last eight months, and share a few things about Single Dad Laughing. You know… things you never knew because they’ve never really come up.

On Cussing: You may have noticed that I don’t use some of the heavier curse words here on Single Dad Laughing. Is it because I have this squeaky clean vocabulary? No, not really. In fact, I can curse like a sailor if I’m in the mood for it. But when I curse, it’s for fun. I hate cursing in anger (consequentially, I hate when others curse in anger as well), and I really hate when people curse heavily around anybody and everybody as if nobody will care that they do it. I think it’s disrespectful and tactless.

Plus, I come from a very religious family, most of whom cringe when I use the words hell and damn, let alone any stronger ones. So, out of respect for them, and out of respect for those of you who hate those words, and simply because I believe you rarely need them to make everyday writing strong, I choose to leave them out.

If you’re writing to me, feel free to curse all you want. I won’t be offended so long as you’re not doing it in anger.

On the Daily Images:┬áSometimes it’s challenging coming up with a new image for the blog every single day. I try to do it though, because I find that a long wall of text is dreadfully headache-inducing.

For some images, I find something completely random and then photoshop the heck out of it, such as this image from the post “Mom pushed Daddy out the door.

For some posts, I just take (or have someone else take) a quick, fast, non-professional photo with my phone, such as this one from the Justin Bieber (or is it Beiber) post.

Sometimes I freeze individual frames from videos (such as in the Dancing with the Homeless post).

Sometimes, I whip out my nice professional camera (if I’m feeling extra adventurous), and I try and take a really nice photograph (such as this one from the Puzzle post).

And, for a great many posts, I just start plowing through photos on Facebook and find one that might work. Like this one from the Worthless Men post.

What you sometimes don’t know is what was cropped out of the photo or how it was changed.

Like the picture above, taken while I was having stomach issues and my brother decided to go in for a big wet one.

On my love life. I don’t like to talk about my dating life on here very much. I simply don’t want the girls I date to be scrutinized and picked apart.

I’ve talked about “Tweni” from time to time (a nickname whose origins will forever remain between us). What I didn’t ever tell you while we were dating is that she was my girlfriend, like officially official girlfriend. You just saw her pop up from time to time.

On a side note, I’ve been scrutinized for calling women “girls” instead of women, and I have decided that it’s not something I’m going to change. Why? Because I don’t call them girls as in “boys and girls.” I call them girls as in “guys and girls.” Get used to it, and don’t get offended so easily. Ladies, you can call me a “guy” all you want. I promise not to be offended in the least.

On the M&Ms. No, I am not sponsored by M&Ms. When I started this blog I just thought it would be fun (and funny) to always talk about them. I still do think it’s funny. And I still eat them as a main staple in my diet.

M&Ms hardly even knows I exist. They certainly wouldn’t care if I dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow.

I can see why some people would “accuse” me of being sponsored by them (as if sponsorship is some horribly wrong thing). M&Ms have shown up in videos (click here), in comic strips (click here), in blog posts (click here), and I make people pay me with M&Ms to be on my blogroll.

Regardless, Noah and I love M&Ms, we eat a lot of M&Ms, and we encourage you to all eat a lot of M&Ms. Let’s all get fat and happy together.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS, what are some other mysteries you’d like me to talk about in a future “Confessions of a Blogger” post?