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I’m not sure if today’s post is written by the photographer in me, the inner geek, or the perfectionist. But I have this pet peeve. And this is it…

What do all four of these random photos I just pulled from Facebook have in common? Check out how much headroom there is in each and every picture. Is that really necessary? Do the people taking the pictures really think that the world is just as interested in the twenty feet of space above me as they are in me? (please don’t answer that)

It seems that the majority of times that I hand my camera to somebody and say, “hey, will you snap a picture of us?” the result is as bad or worse as the images above when I finally go through my pics. There have been times when I’ve gotten my pictures back and our heads barely made it in.

Sometime I’ll teach you all the “rule of thirds” in photography. Today, I just want to whine.

I think a lot of people believe the place a person’s head should be is in the dead center of the photograph or that their entire bodies should make it in. But check out how much nicer these same pics are when framed properly…

As the person taking the pic, it might mean you need to zoom in a little or step a bit closer, but it’ll make the photo a lot nicer if you do. And that’s only like half of a half of a half of a calorie burnt to take that step, so just do it next time somebody hands you their camera.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS… do you have any picture taking pet peeves? Anybody else ever notice this? Do you think it makes a difference?

What a lot of people don’t know is that each Sunday I take the Beautiful You pics and crop them down to fill the frame properly. I also do tweaking of the colors and tones sometimes. You know… to make you all look even better than you already do. 🙂

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