You know, I think it would be fun if we all had a Pokefest over on Facebook. I’ve been poking the same handful of people back and forth for years now, and to be honest, it would be nice to get a lot more poking going on.

Personally, I find poking to be oodles and gobs of fun. It’s a quick way to tell someone, Hey! I thought of you at least long enough to poke you today. It’s a simple way to say hello. It’s also a great way to flirt with somebody in a chickenny quick-retreat pretend-it-didn’t-mean-anything-if-you-have-to sort of a way.

I just wish there were more poking options such as letting us choose which part of a person we’re poking. It would look something like this:

Poke Jim Bob over there in the

Another nice thing would be if we could choose the physical level of our pokes.

Poke Sally Sue in the

But why stop there? If Facebook were to give us options, how awesome would it be if we could really make our pokes meaningful?

Poke Joe in the



so he can barely feel it
with great gusto



Yeah, that would be pretty nifty. In fact, if anybody over at Facebook reads this and wants to steal this idea… it’s all yours. All I ask is that you keep every option that I’ve listed here today (I don’t care if you add others) because sometimes I want to poke Jim Bob over there in the eye with great gusto to show him I care.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

PS. If you want to be my friend on Facebook so that we can poke the heck out of each other, add me as a friend!

What are you opinions on poking? Do you poke people often or do you find it annoying? And what other options would you like to see when you poke?